Mirror: assets reflected on blockchain ( MIRUSDT analysis) for KUCOIN:MIRUSDT by PRO_SMART_Trader

Mirror Protocol allows the creation of fungible assets, “synthetics”, that track the price of real world assets. Mirror synthetics are intended to be used as key building blocks in smart contracts, and to bring the world’s assets to the blockchain.

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Circulating Supply 76,041,924.75 MIR

Total Supply 370,575,000

❇️What are🌟 Mirrored Assets(MIR)🌟?

MIR is the governance token of Mirror Protocol, a synthetic assets protocol built by Terraform Labs ( TFL ) on the Terra blockchain.

Mirrored assets are blockchain tokens that behave like “mirror” versions of real-world assets by reflecting the exchange prices on-chain. They give traders the price exposure to real assets while enabling fractional ownership, open access and censorship resistance as any other cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional tokens which serve to represent a real, underlying asset, mAssets are purely synthetic and only capture the price movement of the corresponding asset.

sources: coinmarketcap–



As you can see in the daily time frame for MIR/USDT, the price is trading around4.4 $ .

The MIRROR , like the rest of the crypto market, fell during this period and is currently below EMA 20, 50 and 100 days, which could indicate a little further fall in the near future, but the positive point is that according to the volume of purchases that you see , Promises the growth of this token after reaching the green area, which has supported the price for several in this zone.


💥(Anyway, my constant suggestion to my dear community is to buy step by step ( in a few steps) , With considering risk management , Because this crazy market is very volatile than you have never seen in any other markets .)

💫(also Following security measures is vital in cryptocurrency trading. Always remember that $100 worth of a token may become a fortune someday. So treat every penny with respect.)


👉This analysis is my personal opinion and you are responsible for your own trades or invests.💯

🙏with Best Regards and successful trades❤️

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