Should Bitcoin’s hodlers be concered ? for POLONIEX:BTCUSDT by C_EWAVE13

Hi everyone,

As we can clearly see from the chart’s candlesticks it is easy to claim that the buyers are getting weaker but does it mean that the bull-run is over? 🐃

📍 the answer is absolutely “NO”! First, I would like to say that the candles with huge wicks at both ends have a meaning: WAR between bulls🐃 and bears🐻.

🧐 but what do they mean when they happen after a bull-run or a upward trend?

📍It may show us the time buyers and seller kill before a reverse trend; what does mean? Let me explain you easily by giving an example! ✍🏼 Bitcoin price from 30k – 59k was an interesting price for buyers (bulls) and retail traders; they made a noticeable profit there, but after 59k price may look just a little bit over-priced even for bulls. Thus, they will wait for the market to show more reasonable signs of a new bull-run or a bearish chart🐻.

📌 I personally do not think that the bull-run is over. just take a look at the ichimoku cloud and it’s going to show you everything you need.

⚠️ you may ask yourself why I have set a zone at the 35-37k price level. Well, I would like to share you guys something which may help you at your trades. ✍🏼Whenever the price breaks the ichimoku’s Tenk/Kijun lines in a bull-run or bearish trend , IT HAS TO REACH BACK TO THE TENK WHENEVER TENK AND KIJUN ARE IN A FLAT POSITION just test it in smaller times frames.

🧐So, should we panic now and set our sell orders? The answer is also “NO” WE SHOULD NOT.

📍 the monthly time from takes at least 6-8months to occur and I have set two time zones in my chart. Plus, tenk and Kijun would like to move up-wards or down-wards with the price so may the price zone will change by time.

📌In conclusion, do not panic guys based on all those fundamental infrastructure and trend-analysis the bulls 🐃 remain stronger than bears 🐻 till the end of this year. Just be more careful about your positions

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