Solarvest BioEnergy: Producing The World’s Only Plant-based Organic Certified Omega -3 | INN

Solarvest BioEnergy (TSXV:SVS) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network.

Solarvest BioEnergy (TSXV:SVS) plans to deliver solutions in human and animal nutrition, prescription and non-prescription medication and derivatives through its proprietary clean energy algal production platform. 

Eversea is Solarvest BioEnergy’s consumer brand of products. Eversea has brought the company’s Organic Omega-3 supplement to market through its e-commerce platform on its website. The product features a unique and patented Nanuq Organic Omega-3 ingredient which is certified organic in the European Union and by the USDA.

Solarvest BioEnergy: Producing The World's Only Plant-based Organic Certified Omega -3 | INN

Solarvest BioEnergy’s Company Highlights

  • Solarvest BioEnergy is an innovative Canadian technology development company focused on producing a wide range of patented algae-derived products for human and animal nutrition, prescription and non-prescription medication and derivatives. 
  • Solarvest BioEnergy’s key consumer brand is called Eversea which brings the company’s first commercialized Organic Omega-3 product to market. The product is the first and only FDA-approved DHA/EPA Organic Omega-3 supplement that is certified organic, vegan, non-toxic, highly bioavailable, sustainable and non-GMO.  It will be sold through strategic partnerships and white label selling.
  • The company’s proprietary clean microalgae process allows for expedited product development and versatility to produce multiple complex products. 
  • Solarvest BioEnergy’s production technology successfully produced highly valuable and safe bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). 
  • The company has a strong market growth strategy. The company plans to expand its product human therapeutic CBD and THC products.
  • Solarvest BioEnergy is led by a highly experienced management team with expertise and a proven track record of achievements in developing commercial biotech products
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