SUSHIUSDT ://if she can get to 14.75 15 range its on for BINANCE:SUSHIUSDT by HustleGrindMomentum

look for a punch thro 15 to confirm trend

stop loss at 14.10 to 13.87 range

keep in mind_ btc n eth r the main show but the market as a whole is looking strong. well as strong as possible without feeling overexstended when the crypto market cap x4 in 6 months

top picks that r easy to buy n stake ADA ALGO then like UNI 1INCH SWAP CEL DMST STMX these r some basics but all in all the focus is on eth n btc for us.

others we have or like r

BLANK this security token is non cust. wallet n token that hides all etherum activity_ shats d0pe but getn killed rite now. would watch n wait _ look to buy under 2 as low as 1.65 1.50 range __MAYBE

RAMP getn ready to run with BSC intagration

AUDIOS or AUDIO is interesting as well and looks like she is heating up n took a hit last month so great time to jump in there

Refinable or FINE is also super interesting. this project was a long time in the making but had the bad luck of launching during that BTC n market hit last week or so

also keep an eye on anything that helps mass adoption. for us this is 3 areas in that will matter.

_cross chain ease of use will be king esp as layer 2 begins to intagrate with exsisting blockchains and projects.

_fiat on n off ramps. like exchanges that have debit cars or in general catore to the consumer and not so much the goverment. EVEN square or paypall are big ones even though you cant really move the crypto u buy out of there platforms even robinhood and webul have the same restrictions. this should change in the future but for now it is an important step to get the masses involved.

_real world use case like stormX selling and connecting merchants and consumers to buy anything you would normaly buy off the internet or vechain who is building a supply chain all on a blockchain or even ada creating a blockchain education tracking and support for developing countries in africa and even to NFT projects that tie in real world assets like car loans, property, art work, or even gold etc.

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