The biotech era possibilities: reverse aging, cure cancer, … for NASDAQ:MRNA by MrRenev

A little intro to the biotech cycle… It could be real big.

RNA technology can do a little bit more than tell your genes to produce spike protein.

It could be used to fight cancer.

It could also be used to increase life expectancy from 75 years to perhaps 90.

And more importantly, make people age slower as well as kill “deficient” cells involved in aging.

This means “prime” and “old age” would go from 25-50 and 50-75 to 25-60 and 60-90. Can you imagine?

Of course this is not eternal life, but us humans prime for what seems like such a short time, especially as our life expectancy increase.

You get to 25 and it’s a race. By 50 it’s over. At 35 you’re already basically halfway through and missed on so much prossibly.

But if you got until 60 then it would make a significant difference. You life would not be “over” just a few years after reaching adulthood.

A while ago they came up with solutions but they had a little downside: it was highly cancerigenous.

Research has improved, and if people don’t revert to the stone age soon (no guarentee about that), it will continue.

Plenty of treatments (injections, drugs, not RNA modifications) have been tested, and we have seen “70 year old” mice run faster than “25 year olds”.

They have been tested on various mammals and plants. And to my knowledge, 1 human. David Sinclair, a genetician that looks at least 10 years younger than he is.

Not going to lie, the first people to get access to this, after the innovators (the few professors testing it on themselves) will be rich people.

Anti-ageing through DNA therapy got to be cheaper and work better than weekly injections of 5 products + 25 other products to counter the side effects.

RNA also is used to fight rare diseases, genetic disorders, but this concerns a tiny part of the population.

It’s nice and all, but let’s be honest, most people care way more about increasing everyone’s (and their) healthy life spans.

Other uses:

Vaccines. Obviously.

Hunger management (you could also just ban obesity like Japan or ban the industry from dumping trucks of sugar and salt in their food to make people hungry).

Faster fracture repair (maybe send gene instructions temporarly)

Cure all sorts of handicaps (up to 10% of the population)

Less very dumb people (that are unemployable)?

Hair loss

Color blindness

Finally fix these teeth constantly getting damaged by bacteria

Regrow an arm?

Some cool sci-fi stuff? X-ray vision maybe?

Idk unlimited possibilities

A huge market bubble since “unlimited possibilities” Oh I can already see it

Right now they are showing the population that RNA tech isn’t scary by using them all (most of the pop) as guinea pigs and force vaccinating a lot of people.

But I think they are calming down. These guys aren’t that bright but at some point they might figure out if they insist too much they will alienate people and make them ultra-conservative and anti-vaxx and anti-everything. The boomers in power don’t have long, so of course they are in a hurry to push this tech at any cost. Funny. They are desperate. The only western president that is young is Macron and OF COURSE his wife is like 80 or something.

The risk is MOAR mass hysteria, MORE euphorism, so I think ultimately people will get greedy and go after more and more half tested rushed treatments, and traders should know the outcome: eventually, a catastrophe. Mass deaths followed by reverting back to ultra conservative values.

Good buy on the next major bear market (this company or whichever one survives). But investing in this is not even the most interesting part.

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