THE DOGE and puppets show for BINANCE:DOGEUSD by jos4x

The Doge and puppets show

Back in April many of my students/clients bought when Doge passed 50c with the expectation to go to $1. I asked, based on what?

Many of them were in profit but never sold. They were holding with the anticipation of the Saturday show.

This “going to the moon” is the picture painted by my YTers, “influencers”, and millionaire puppets whose only job is to pump up the idea in social media for some of you to buy into, to benefit who? Not us, for sure.

My answer is the same, I refuse to buy at market. I always wait for market to come to my price level or I dont play.

I marked on the chart:

The Daily zone in green color.

The H4 zone in cyan color.

The H1 zone in orange

I never go below H4 but for this analysis I had no choice.

The chart told you when the trend ended.The high of the second pump up matches exactly to a Fib level and then dropped to break first the H1 zone.This was the signal to pack up and leave fast. Then the classic retest of the level in H1.

Finally, the same as above in H4: break of the level and retest

Now, Doge is in the free fall without parachute.

This is the rest of the pciture

I will be a second bullish impulse leg which It will fake many people to buy and then the second big leg down.

I am buying Doge when it reaches my zone marked on the chart, no before. I will wait for a quick impulse and manage the position from there.

I have seen this picture before. Never ends well for those who buy by hype or because “I hear” or “I believe” or because follow “influencers” or some clowns go on tv.

If you want to follow something, follow the CHARTS.

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