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The Economist magazine is always very good at predicting the future. This poster belongs to them. Today, I wanted to analyze what we weren’t told. I suggest you read the article about this photo in the magazine.

The Economist Article Click

The analysis will look a bit similar a coffee fortune, but please try reading it without laughing:)

Let’s first start with the rabbit ;

Rabbit means luck in many beliefs.
I guess there’s no who doesn’t know about Easter.
Time clock on The rabbit hand. At the end of time, there is an image as if he will have something or what he expects will come true.

Rabbit eggs were also associated with taxation in ancient times.

Given the details about the money I will explain in the rest of the article, it is possible to think of a tax increase.

The rabbit also symbolizes the resurrection. When we think about the economic problems in post-coronavirus countries, we can interpret this as the end of disease and the revival of the economy.

Easter is important in March and April. If this picture really means anything, we might think the economy will pick up in March and April. Bitcoin’s first rise was also in March.

Time: 10: 10 or 22: 10 or 11: 10-23: 10

10/10/2021 or 22/10/2021 I think you have to be careful on those dates.

Because in these pictures, there are no extras drawn unnecessarily.

There’s a cat in the picture below. They have excited eyes. I think this cat’s a little greedy. In other words, I believe that the greed index will increase for many commodities in the coming days.
I recently did stocks, gold , crypto currency analysis. These commodities said something in common. While I was doing this, the diffusion and simulation analyses pointed to the second week of October.

Taking the cat’s view as greed, I think there will be a significant recovery in the economy in October.

Here’s our greedy cat

Now let’s look at the commodities step by step.
This our normal currency.

It looked worried and scared. At the same time, I see a libra symbol in the symmetry of its eyes. Maybe I’m wrong.

But if it really is the a pair of scales, the stock market will panic while trying to control balance losses due to greed. The countries ‘ central banks will try to take measures to address this economic imbalance. That’s why I mentioned at the beginning of the article that rabbit eggs symbolize tax.

When we look at other currencies;

BTC is out of balance and about to go upside-down.
The Dollar is trying to prevent something, but I guess it can’t.
Stocks run downhill
The banks left themselves directly from top to bottom.
Ethereum was the first to jump into the pit.

The reason Ethereum jumped into the hole could be that it lost market control over altcoins.

Another reason is;

As is well known, many tokens are traded on the ethereum network. But it seems that this requirement will disappear for the nft. DUE TO THE HIGH COST OF ETHEREUM GAS FEES, THERE HAVE BEEN ALTERNATIVE SEARCHES.

Alternative networks such as TRX and BSC , which are much cheaper in cost, have begun to be produced. Manufacturers Who Do Not Want To Lose Their Income In Nft Will Turn To These Alternative Models.

Moreover, some NFT producers are required to hold other currencies such as Matic BNB and use their networks.

Given all this, if it does not develop a new solution for itself, it will be the currency that loses its value the most.

Given the terms of BTC ; many investors are actually uneasy about BTC controlling the market.
But no force has been created to security that control. The interventions of stock markets, governments and investors could not stand in the way of BTC’s strength.

But see by the nftt, it looks like it could stop the force. Currently BTC has no role in NFT trading. If nft becomes the new digital trading model, BTC will stand alone and lose value.

Some big investors of BTC , which we call whales, dominate the market. If they face this risk, they will want to drain all their stock.

This will result in the death of BTC , which the states have failed to achieve. If we think of BTC as a human being, he is nothing but a spoiled old man who must die in my eyes.

BTC , It’s a toy in the hands of some big investors acting on their own ambitions. These investors do not understand that their greed brings their own demise.

That’s why alternative models have been produced for years.

New coins, especially Ethereum , have been produced. Exchanges invented their own currency against BTC to minimise manipulation. Example Bnb Busd etc.

In particular, this year, the exchanges have begun to manipulate the exchanges themselves, in order to take their losses from btc fluctuations.

They tried to make their lost profits on the BTC by blowing up long order and short order.

Because within 30 minutes, goods don’t go up by 20% and lose 30% back in value. It’s a greedy move that covets the small investor’s money.

There can be no such manipulation in the NFt.

There’s a product in the market . The owner is known and the price is known.

No one can change the price until the end of the ad period.

Owner might refuse to sell, but have nothing wrong with doing so. You don’t have to trade in BTC or dollars. There will be many currency models.

Most importantly, big investors will not be able to manipulate the NFT market too much.

All the power will be with investors. Few people will be able to decide what happens. Countries will see it as digital art and use it as a weapon against BTC . They will give full support to the NFT.

That’s why we see that BTC has upside-down and is going to fall.

We will experience digital transformation for primitive ages. So I can explain it this way;
in the past, we used to buy flour by giving wheat and you used to make a living by selling the wheat you bought to someone else.

That’s exactly what the NFT will do. For example, you will get Matic. The holder investor will win.

You will get MATIC NFT, the NFT manufacturer will win.

You sell the NFT you bought, you make a profit.

I should also note that; the robot software will be minimal. Because art appreciation here is work done with human emotions. Big investors will certainly find a new manipulation model with their own algorithms to sell the collections they produce at a more high price. But it doesn’t concern us. Because its price no longer affects our money.

If we look at the stock market; they will also be negatively affected. Because to trade a stock, you have to follow a lot of things. Company balance sheets, commercial agreements, public offerings.

There are only two things to follow in the NFT;

1) Your feelings

2) The amount of your money and your purchasing power.

We talked about the fear and prevention efforts of the dollar.

As we know, the dollar is the dominant force in many currencies.

Dollars has the power to turn the country’s economy upside down in one day. This is because it disrupts the balance of imports and exports and the socioeconomic structure of dollar-dependent countries is low.

People suffer from crazy hours and low salaries for fear of being unemployed and making a living. But with the proliferation of NFT, just like youtubers, anyone with a computer and the Internet will be able to make money.

The world’s economic comfort will grow. Maybe Countries might find solutions to increasing refugee problems in this way. Therefore, the dollar’s voice will decrease in countries with increasing economic development. So we see the dollar’s expression of panic.

So why are banks jumping down the hill?
There is a new ecosystem to be created. New digital and economic tools. Banks need to track and integrate all these systems. They might even need to integrate into the blockchain network.
Besides, stocks, investment accounts and loans are the banks ‘ main income. The spread of the digital money culture with NFT will lead to new investors in crypto money.

No-cost and more profitable deposit accounts, more interest, investment opportunities and your money gaining value at all times.

No risk of fraud and bankruptcy,

Quick transfers and easy money-making.

If banks cannot operate like cryptocurrency exchanges, in the future the word bank will be among the unknown words.

There’s magic mushrooms in the picture.

As you know, these mushrooms are used both as a drug and as a hallucinogen. It causes more hallucinations than drunkenness.

I interpret it two ways.

1-Since it will be easier for young people to access money, drug addiction may increase.

2-When people get rich financially, they live in fear of disappearing because they don’t understand how it happened suddenly. Just like a hallucination.

Can everything be so beautiful?

Of course not!

The crypto money industry’s biggest problem is the energy problem. Improvement and development efforts for this problem are still ongoing. However, environmental problems will increase in direct proportion to the increase in the use of digital systems in the future.

If digital transformations can’t adapt to energy use and reduce energy costs, it will become a problem that people can’t give up but can’t find a solution to.

I think the trees cut in the picture express that as well.
Now this picture;

Everything can’t be perfect. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, it does not seem possible to be exposed to hacking attacks at the moment.

Also, it is not possible to break the SHA512+sha256 encryption it uses with current technology. It is not possible to drill standard contracts such as solidity and erc20, which have a part-to-whole and a whole-to-part control structure.

But in this image, we see a snake with an crypto walking towards the nft object.

Not everyone can write cryptocurrency software. But anyone can produce nft. With Nft, easy access to blockchain networks and the proliferation of digital wallets will lead to major hacker attacks in the future. Because for the first time, everyone will have easy access to the blockchain network.

If they can find a loophole by creating an algorithm, an entire network could collapse. In this way, institutions and investors integrated into the attacked network lose everything. It leaves almost irreparable damage.

That must be exactly why this snake is trying to dig a hole in this nft. It goes down the rabbit hole and serves other purposes.

I won’t comment on our daughter Alice in the photo. We will find out together in the future what it is.

Note: This is not investment advice.

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