What are the Best Markets for Trend Following Traders? for OANDA:SPX500USD by DaveBrsacoFX

In one word: ALL.
“Price makes news, not the other way around. A market is going to go where a market is going to go.”
We all see the same charts, but at the end of the year only 5-10% will increase their capital. Year by year.
I tried Turtle Trading System I and II, but it failed over 60% of time. It did not recognize the fake breakouts.
So after 20 years of Trading I started to combine it with some other oldschool forgotten indicators: Correlations, 200 SMA and Momentum. POW! It worked better.
And my capital curve showed thenafter sharp swings. Was the system wrong? Noway.
Eachtime I got more greedy. I made more losses.
The System worked well.
So the problem was my EGO and Emotions.
Just follow your plan.
IF NEXT TIME YOU HAE DOUBTS,then ask yourself:,, Why do I recommand this market to buy ,cut my System showing it. But I don´t do it?
And after A year you look back and see that you wee right. Your system was right. But your account showing the opposite?
Money Mangement is the real Profit Machine.
Be patient. 90% of Trading is patience. If the market pulls back and you are still on, it doesnt mean you are wrong.
But if your stop gets hit, it just mean you where wrong, but at all you did everthing well. You have alculated this situation.Therefor you put your stop and protected your account. Stops, patience,Money Mangement is your part of the work. The rest your system does. Together, you will be a winning team. In long term.
I combined Turtle Trading System II
Those who know they are in the game.
Those who don’t know they are in the game.
Those who don’t know they are in the game and have become the game.
If, within a half of an hour of playing whatever game, and you don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy or the game. Who are the real market patsies? Those who deny diversification. All traders need to understand what they can trade through trend following. Essentially, everything:
All news are too late. THE PRICE knows already waht happend and what will happen next. All information are in the price. Already.
Stocks: S&P , SSE Comp., Nikkei 225 , DAX , AAPL , TSLA , FB , etc.
Bonds/Interest Rates: Eurodollar, 10-Year T-Note , Bund , etc.
Currencies/FX/Forex: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CHF, CNY , etc.
Metals: Gold , Silver , Copper , etc.
Energies: Oil , Natural Gas , etc.
Agriculturals: Wheat , Corn , Soybeans , etc.
Softs: Coffee , Sugar , Cotton , etc.
Meats: Lean Hogs , Feeder Cattle, etc.
LEAPS Options
Mutual Funds
Cryptocurrencies: BTC , ETH, etc.
Trend Following™ can not promise you will earn the returns of traders, charts or examples (real or hypothetical) stated. All past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results.
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