Wyckoff Redistribution or Accumulation?? for COINBASE:BTCUSD by rouzwelt

I have been looking closely at the price action since we have fallen down to 30/40k area, as I have demonstrated in the chart as you can see the wyckoff phases, right now as we have bounced from the lower 30/29k area with a wick it may be an early sign of spring , and as we know it if its a spring we should see a macro higher high, that means btc must break 42k resistant and close above it daily. if we get that its a confirmed spring and we can look for buy setup on backup action. but if even we get a spring and head high it would more be a dead cat bounce and can reject at 50/60k area.
but the second scenario is that we have printed a SOW (sign of weakness) and now we are at last point of supply, which means that lower levels are ahead.

I know that might not be the best news for many of us, but we should stay balanced and look for both options, as if you dont pay attention to the worst option you might get wiped out.

As for my own personal opinion, I believe the chart looks more like its redistribution rather that accumulation, I say this because we had an clear UT that rejected badly to 29k area, yes it didnt close below 30k but thats more a sign of weakness to me rather a spring . before this week we had some good bullish news but i think they came at the worst time possible, and now they are forgotten like El Salvador news, so they didnt effect the market as they would have if came at a better time. I dont want to sound bearish but I believe there are many strong resistants up ahead that each of them can reject BTC hardly.

right now Id rather monitor the price action closely to see how candles get printed and then I will plan my entry according to that. thats the best strategy for now at least for mid-term cause that would reduce my risk to minimum, cause the price action in the 30/40k range so far have been haunting everyone’s SL.

Anyway let’s wait and see what happens and know that if you are using wyckoff as your main strategy, you always wait for confirmation and you make all of your money and profits in between, you dont buy the low, you dont sell the high.

Trade safe and practice risk management all the times.

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