How Do I Check My Car’s Power Steering Fluid and When Should I Change it? | MotorBiscuit

If you currently own an older car with a hydraulic power steering system, then it’s a good idea to check the fluid from time to time. Most new cars on the market today utilize electric power steering systems that don’t require such a service, but many older cars do. Here is how to check your car’s power steering fluid and how often you should change it.

What does power steering fluid do?

The power steering fluid in your car’s hydraulic steering system assists with the steering effort when your turn the wheel. To get a little more technical, the power steering fluid creates the pressure on either side of the rack-mounted piston, which is what allows you to turn the steering wheel easier, according to Prestone. You can technically still drive the car without any power steering fluid present, but it will be very hard to turn the wheel.

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