Is the Ignition Switch Broken on Your Push-Button Start? | MotorBiscuit

Like several modern features, keyless ignition—aka ‘push-button start’—is sometimes taken for granted. No need to fumble with the keys; just press and go. It’s very convenient…right up until it stops working. When that happens, the ignition switch is sometimes the culprit. However, considering more complicated maintenance is often the cost of increased convenience, is fixing it as simple as on a car with a key?

What does an ignition switch do?

Recalled Chevrolet Cobalt ignition switch and key | John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images

Regardless if your car has a push-button start or an ignition key, it has an ignition switch. It’s “one of the most important…components of any vehicle’s ignition system,” Autoblog reports. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to turn on your lights, audio system, or, naturally, start your car, AA1Car explains.

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