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Some bike builders, like Roland Sands, have become household names through their custom builds and, in some cases, racing efforts. And Indian has pulled together four of these iconic individuals to properly ring in the updated 2022 Chief. Two of these builders are working together on the bike. And if you’re a custom motorcycle fan, you’re no doubt excited about who’s part of this tag team: Keino Sasaki and Paul Cox.

Keino Sasaki and Paul Cox walked their own roads to the custom bike scene

Bike builder Keino Sasaki in his garage
Bike builder Keino Sasaki | Indian

In past interviews, Keinosuke ‘Keino’ Sasaki has always expressed a desire to push himself creatively. In an interview with Inked, he said that he wants “‘to keep moving up. I don’t want to be known for a certain style as far as aesthetics go. I want to move onto different things and keep experimenting with my ideas or a customer’s ideas.’” And he’s been pushing almost since day one.

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