The 2021 BMW M8 Costs More Than You Think | MotorBiscuit

Most people recognize that BMW overall as a brand isn’t particularly affordable — though they do have some great choices for more affordable entry-level luxury. Add on that well-earned M badge, and that price only goes up, expressing that car as the ‘motorsports’ drivetrain that makes it a more pure driver’s car. Along with that comes a higher price tag, and for cars like the BMW M8, you might be surprised with just how high that price can get.

How expensive is the 2021 BMW M8?

The BMW M8 itself costs a pretty penny. It’s the perfect mixture of luxury and performance, offering anything and everything you could be looking for. Sure, you aren’t expecting to see a modest price tag on a vehicle like this, especially buying the newest 2021 model, but you probably aren’t expecting the $130,000 price tag — talk about sticker shock. Then again, it more than lives up to such a high price.

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