Bad hotel Wi-Fi is a comforting reminder of the old world

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Uh oh, watch out: Plugged In has just slid into the lobby all naked and greased up. Let’s move on from that childish image and kick off today’s lecture with a boring, grown-up statement: technology is only as good as its implementation.

Take phones, for example. You can have the most delicious and crisp display on a device, but if it cracks easily, then it’s bad implementation. The industry is filled with examples of this. Just think about Samsung’s foldables or Apple’s butterfly keyboard.

And that’s just the hardware. Think of all the awful online sign-up systems you’ve been forced to wade through over the years.

What connects these experiences are that they’re all things that should work on paper, but don’t. Reality, friends, is a harsh genital-smacker.

Don’t be fooled in thinking it’s just tech companies that struggle with this: other sectors sin too. And the most blasphemous of technological implementations in the land?

Easy: hotel Wi-Fi.