#BlackInkCrew: Here’s Why Donna Is Convinced Walt DIDN’T Break Into The Shop Despite ‘Evidence’ [Video]


Black Ink Crew New York viewers are still trying to figure out ‘who did it’  when it comes to a mysterious person being caught breaking into the Harlem tattoo shop on camera, and Donna Lombardi is convinced it can’t be Walt. So far, Cease and Teddy believe without a doubt that Walt, a longtime employee of Black Ink who fell on hard times, broke into the shop and scooped $5,000 in cash from the register.

Donna who still works at Black Ink thinks it’s foul that the shop bosses are assuming it’s Walt and she’s actually convinced it can’t be him. The tattoo artist actually popped upon Walt and his wife to convince the couple to fight for their “right” to return Walt to his job after getting fired over the shop theft.

“I do know that Walt has been around from the first day. You have right to this f**king name. I’m not saying go in the draw and take money. But, at the end of the day, why do Ceaser ger to ride around in Benz trucks, own houses and wear chains and you put in just as much work for his brand as anybody? I don’t like that.”

Donna give Walt a little pep talk and it actually leads to some action. Hit play to see it.

After Donna visited Walt and his wife Jessica, some action took place. Jess pulled up on Cease and try to plead her case that it wasn’t Walt on camera. Unfortunately, Cease wasn’t feeling it.

Do YOU think she did a great job?

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