How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Stay In Shape

Entrepreneurs are just as eager as everyone else to get (or stay) in shape this year. The trouble is, their personal New Year’s resolutions tend to take a backseat to business ones. 

Founders only have so much energy to give each day. For obvious reasons, they tend to invest it first in building their businesses. What many forget is that the best way to grow that bandwidth is to get fit. 

Personal priorities should be just that for entrepreneurs: priorities. Here’s how they can make time for fitness, no matter what’s going on at work:

Mix Up Your Commute

Try riding your bike to work if your office is within range. An electric bicycle can help you handle the hills until you’ve built up your leg muscles. If you live really close to your business, you might even be able to walk to and from work. 

What if you work from home? Working out during your commute is difficult if you don’t have one. Consider taking a walk outside whenever you take a call in order to get some steps in. Or, sneak in a set of pushups at the top of each hour. 

The Worldwide Health Organization recommends you get between 150 and 300 minutes of exercise each week. Working out before, after or during downtime at work might be enough to meet your quota. 

Get Up Earlier

The early bird gets the worm, and the early entrepreneur gets the gains. Getting up a little bit earlier in the morning gives you enough time to fit in a workout before the day begins.

Figure out the right morning routine for you. Maybe a yoga session is in order before breakfast. Perhaps you’d prefer to do a calisthenic routine. Just make sure you still have time for breakfast and a shower before it’s time to buckle down on work.

What if you struggle to pull yourself out of bed some days? Get an accountability partner. Encourage your spouse to get up and work out with you. Find a friend who’d be up for a remote Peloton session each morning. 

If nothing else, get an alarm clock and place it across the room from your bed. Once you get up to shut off your alarm, the rest is gravy. 

Get a Standing Desk

Simply standing instead of sitting at work can do wonders for your fitness goals. For one, standing burns more calories than sitting. But standing also strengthens your back and core, which can improve your posture and reduce back pain. 

Don’t feel the need to stand all day. If your knees or neck start to hurt, sit down. Set a timer to get yourself back up at 30-minute intervals. 

If you don’t want to switch desks all day, consider investing in a convertible desk. Hybrid desks are not cheap, admittedly, but your health is worth it. 

Pick Up Golf

Networking is an important part of entrepreneurship. Connecting with investors and suppliers is essential for the growth of any new business. Nowhere are more business deals discussed than over a round of golf. 

While golf isn’t exactly strenuous, there are still ways to get in a workout on the green. Ditch the cart. Carry your own clubs. By the time you get around to that ninth hole, you’ll be surprised at how sore you are. 

Gamify Your Goals

Gamification is the act of borrowing techniques from sports and games to help you reach your goals. Using a scoreboard to keep track of each month’s star salesperson is a great example. 

How can you apply gamification to your fitness goals? By giving yourself small rewards for reaching benchmarks or tackling tough workouts. 

Say you have a tendency to eat junk food and watch The Bachelor in order to wind down for the night. This is a fun tradition, but it doesn’t do much in the fitness department. Instead, treat yourself to a bag of popcorn and an episode only after your Fitbit shows you hit your 10,000 steps for the day. 

The specific rewards and triggers aren’t important. What matters is that you find ways to keep yourself motivated through thick and thin. 

Let Guilt Go

If you miss a workout because of an incredibly busy day, is your fitness journey over? Of course not. In fact, your body needs the occasional rest day.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Getting coffee with a friend on a Friday morning, when you’d normally be on the treadmill, is perfectly OK. Your life is full of priorities beyond your workout, as it should be. 

Staying in shape as an entrepreneur is as simple as making the time and putting in the effort. Use these tips to start incorporating fitness goals into your 2021 plans and you’ll see what a difference it makes.

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