3 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy and Save Money

The widespread disruption to everyday life following the COVID19 pandemic has been unprecedented. This has resulted in financial hardship for those most affected by unemployment. While we are starting to emerge through the other side of this crisis, it’s important to look back at what we’ve learned when it comes to personal finance and money management.

The upshot of having to be cautious with money has made us all reflect and evaluate our personal expenditure. While economic freedom is important to our quality of life, it’s important to make sure you’re not overspending when it comes to looking after your health, fitness and well-being.

So, what can we do to stay healthy on a budget?

  1. Outside physical activity

 Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t have to come at a financial cost. While using the gym can be a cost-effective way to hit your health and fitness goals, it can also be a financial drain if you do not use it frequently enough or don’t feel you get the anticipated value from it.

Another alternative to the gym is training outside. Running, walking and cycling are all entirely free (other than buying suitable workout clothes) and can also be a lot of fun. Ways to keep your sessions enjoyable are to download an app so you can record your progress and compete with yourself or others, vary the routes and type of training sessions you do and train with other people in an exercise group.

The average cost of a gym membership is roughly £40 per month or almost £500, which you could save by simply taking your workouts outside. Alternatively, if you don’t tend to train very frequently, you could purchase some one-off sessions providing it doesn’t cost you more than it would do by paying monthly.

  1. Check out YouTube

 YouTube provides a hub for workout video’s, training exercises and general health advice. There is a wealth of personal trainers that upload content regularly so that you can essentially replicate many of the same workouts at home that you might do at the gym.

Workout equipment can also be a cost-effective method of extending your range of home workout exercises. These typically consist of dumbbells, workout mats, resistance bands and foam rollers.

  1. Source cost-effective treatments from home

The first two tips to improving health in a cost-efficient way are largely fitness based. Another key facet of health is ensuring health conditions are well managed. This largely resides in access to health advice and prescription and non-prescription treatments.

Pharmica is an online pharmacy and one of the UK’s most trusted online pharmacies. Pharmica is based in London, but they deliver to the entire UK and offer fast, discreet delivery of medication via their completely free online prescription service. Furthermore, to ensure you get the very best value, they also offer the Pharmica Price Promise which a guarantee on offering the lowest price prescription treatment in the UK.

It’s important to stay on top of managing health conditions where access to affordable healthcare is essential and often overlooked.

There you have it! Three clever ways to enhance your health while also saving!








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