Kinds of Injuries You Can Contract After a Car Accident, and How to Treat Them?

There are so many ways how anyone can contract an injury, but one of the most obvious and prevalent among them is car accidents. Despite many traffic rules and laws and the harsh consequences of disobeying them, car accidents still are one of the most unpredictable events—they can happen to anyone.

And when a person goes through a car crash, there are a number of injuries and deformities they can develop. To be fair, a car accident can cause the most serious and severe injuries to any of your body parts; therefore, it is important to gain as much knowledge about it as possible and become aware of problems you can face (but hope not) and how to solve these problems.

So, if you ever wonder about what to do after a car accident, you will have your answers.

According to car crash stats of 2019, below are the most common injuries resulting from automobile road accidents.

1.    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injury or TBI is one of the worst things that can come out of car accidents. It is one of the deadliest injuries and leaves the victim in an extremely critical condition. TBI occurs when the brain gets severely damaged from a huge blow or from contracting a piercing injury to the head.

Accidents, where they result in a brain injury, are most horrible; if the victim is lucky enough to not die on the spot, there is a chance that they suffer from a long-term disability that will affect their whole life.

According to the stats, 50,000 people die each year due to traumatic brain injury, while 80,000 to 90,000 face long-term disability.

2.    Burns and Abrasions

One of the most common injuries that you can suffer from a car accident is burns and abrasions. That being said, there are different intensities of such an injury. For instance, you can get cuts from shattered glass or any sharp object that hits you in the accident, while you can get abrasions when you are thrown off your seat and touch the ground roughly.

If the accident was even more severe, the spillage of fluid and harmful chemicals or the catching of fire can give you burns. And burns are much more painful than cuts and abrasions and your skin takes a long time to heal. But again, a level of intensity of burn determines how long will it take for your skin to heal.

With burns that are very severe, the victim might even have to opt for skin grafting.

3.    Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries occur when your body goes through a sudden jerk by a shocking amount of force. Imagine you are standing calm and still and someone instantly pushes you, your body will automatically go forward. That’s what happens when you go through a car crash. The impact of a crash heavily affects the torque of the body, which damages the person’s spine.

Spinal cord injuries vary in intensity, but severe injuries can even cause long-term disability. For instance, if the spinal cord is damaged, it can result in total or partial paralysis.

The breakage in spinal discs – herniated discs – is a common spine injury, and one of its causes is situations like car accidents. It causes immense back pain and makes you unable to perform even the most normal routine tasks.

4.    Back Injury

As stated above, spinal injuries, such as bulging discs or herniated discs, can have a really negative impact on your body as they develop immense back pain, making you unable to perform tasks that you otherwise easily can. Although spine abnormalities are one of the reasons behind back injuries, there are other reasons as well why your back might get hurt due to a car accident.

Well, the human body wasn’t designed to sustain impacts as heavy as a full-fledged car accident. So, when your body takes much more load and shock than it can handle, it pains. And back injuries are common in car accidents because car accidents make you go through things that your body simply is not made for.

One of the problems with back injuries is that they might not show up instantly after a car accident. They might take a day or two, or even a week, to show its symptoms. Consequently, people, being unaware of their injuries, only take notice of them when their symptoms start emerging. Therefore, they already get late to the doctor, and their recovery process gets delayed.

That is why it is recommended that one of the first things to do after a car accident is to visit a back injury doctor because a doctor can diagnose the injury before it shows its symptoms and start your recovery process quickly. And never take back pain lightly. If not treated on the spot, it can become chronic pain. Moreover, the pain from a serious back injury can become a serious disability, which can be long-lasting and hard to get rid of.

5.    Neck Injury

Among all the injuries that are caused by a car accident, neck injury is one of the most significant ones, especially whiplash, which is the most common kind of neck injury and creates intense neck pain.

Whiplash occurs when your neck forcefully goes through a rapid back-and-forth movement, creating a shock in the neck. The spinal cord, which is mainly in the back, connects to your brain through your by going through your neck.

So, when your neck suffers a rapid movement, it disrupts the natural way of the spine and triggers whiplash. Rear-end car accidents are one of the most common causes of whiplash, along with sports injuries, physical abuse, and falls.

Similar to back injuries, whiplash can trigger on the spot but take much longer to show its symptoms, which can delay your appointment to the doctor, and consequently slows down the recovery procedure. Therefore, it is important that you visit a neck pain doctor right after you have ever been involved in a car accident.

How to Treat Car Accidental Injuries

There are specific car accident doctors that specialize in treating car crash survivors. As it has been established above, you cannot wait for your symptoms to show up – because symptoms of neck and back injury can be delayed – instead, you should make an appointment with the specialist right away.

As for cuts, abrasions, and visible injuries from a car accident, dial an emergency number to get yourself taken care of right away. Car accidents can also cause fractures and internal injuries, which can lead to internal bleeding; therefore, it is important to go to a specialist and not just a primary care physician (PCP) to get all of your issues diagnosed.

After diagnoses, the treatment process will start. There are different treatment options for different kinds of injuries, with different severity. For instance, disfiguration, internal bleeding, or skin deformation might require surgery, cuts and abrasions can be handled with well-done bandages, while back and neck injuries can be treated with chiropractic treatment. Head over to best chiropractor near me for best chiropractor reference.

Once your treatment procedure has started, it is important to adhere to the treatment schedule in order to get better as soon as possible. The treatment schedule may include medications, rest timings, exercise, diet plans, and doctor’s recommendations, such as taking time off work and engaging in exercise and physical therapy. Moreover, you must show up on all of the follow-up appointments, so the doctor can track your improvement, give you suggestions regarding PTSD, and let you know when you are good to switch back to your normal life because you cannot make that decision by yourself.

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