Mokumono have brought ebike manufacturing back to the Netherlands.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Netherlands? That’s right, weed bikes. But, despite being the country with the most bikes per capita, bikes are not manufactured in the Netherlands. In fact, even the country’s most famous bicycle company VanMoof makes their ebikes in Taiwan.

But as consumers are looking to buy locally, and manufacturers are feeling the pain of supply chain woes, one ebike startup is reaping the rewards of their mission to bring bicycle manufacturing back to the Netherlands.

They’re called Mokumono, and twin brothers Bob and Tom Schiller make up half of the tiny team at bike company. How does a company of four compete with the big players in the market? I sat down with Tom at our recent TNW conference to find out.

It’s all in the frame

The company’s secret sauce is its locally made frame. It’s a great example of materials innovation. Tom explains: “it’s constructed from two mirrored sheets of aluminum that are pressed into shape and welded together by a laser-wielding robot. This creates a strong and lightweight frame that is different from the typical tubular offerings.”

The tech is traditionally used to create car doors and was developed with tech production partner Witte van Moort in Vriezenveen.