Revive old paintings with your singing head with Reface’s new app feature

AI-based face replacing apps are fun and they let you reimagine photos and songs in a different way. One of those apps, Reface (previously known as Doublicat) is introducing a new feature that will let you animate old paintings, and even add your face in them.

There have been a few apps that offer similar functionality. For instance, Deep Nostalgia allows you to resurrect old photos into animated GIFs, and Wombo turns your selfies into lip sync videos with music.

Reface’s new feature combines both these things: you can animate old photos or paintings with songs, and you can also put your face in them for a more dramatic effect.

The app uses proprietary image wrapping (used to fit your face into other images) along with GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) to make this feature work. Plus, it separates the motion and the still layers to easily swap faces. After that, it uses inpainting techniques to create motion and lip sync that matches the song playing in the background.