Roland Martin: Biden Mandated Vaccines Because Too Many People ‘Are Stuck on Stupid’

On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, panelist Roland Martin said that President Joe Biden had to mandate COVID vaccines because too many Americans were “stuck on stupid.”

Martin said, “They didn’t do it three months ago because they did what Chris said. They basically tried to persuade. The numbers change when 98% of the people in ICUs are unvaccinated, and people are having heart attacks or dying, and they can’t get treated, and they say, we have to move. Companies were making decisions as well. If we look at the history of this country, it was corporate America that forced America to do the Civil Rights Movement because government was moving too slow. There are too many people in this country who are stuck on stupid and don’t want to own up to what’s going on. When you have people dying, 41 million who have gotten COVID and we are having problems in children now dying, and someone has to lead. Leaders take the hit and make the decisions which is why he was elected. so when the data changes and you want to save people, you go there.”

He added, “Now Republican governors want to stand out there and say this is wrong. Fine, DeSantis, you’ve got to run for re-election. Governor Greg Abbott of my home state, who is embarrassing us with his decisions, he has to run for re-election. Let’s then see what happens whether these people stay in.”

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