Spotify finally makes it easy to find your downloaded music in the app

Just a few days after Spotify launched in India back in 2019, I hopped on a flight with a bunch of songs downloaded in the app for my journey. But the moment I turned on airplane mode, there was no sign of my downloaded tracks. The horror!

It’s currently hard to find your downloads in the Spotify app, even if you switch to the offline mode by going to Settings > Playback > Offline mode (who designed it this way, really?).

Offline listeners can celebrate at last: Spotify has finally found some time in between its rush to acquire other companies, and built-in a button to filter your downloads, so they’re easy to retrieve.

The company is rolling out a new mobile app design change for the Your Library section that will introduce filter bubbles such as Playlists, Artist, Albums and Podcasts & shows. Plus, THERE IS A DOWNLOAD FILTER!