There’s Only One Kate Fleming, But We’d Like A Few More

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

“Now, stop making a tit of yourself and piss off.”

Expertly delivered by Vicky McClure, this much-memed line pretty much sums up Kate Fleming in Line of Duty: fearless, fantastically good at her job, but also someone who’d be a right laugh down the pub.

She’s the diamond of her trio with Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) and Steve Arnott (Martin Compston). But unlike her co-workers, she doesn’t have questionable Freemasonry connections, and her judgement isn’t impaired by her wang.

Kate is even willing to dob in her boss in series three – then claw him out of the mess he’s created for himself when she realises his heart’s in the right place. In a world of nefarious corruption, where the lines between law breaker and law enforcer are blurred, Kate is the straight arrow AC12 desperately needs.

She’s also the type of character we need more of, too.

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