This portable battery station and solar panel are the power backup every homeowner needs at almost $500 off

TLDR: The HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station offers up to 7 days of emergency power, while the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel restores the battery in hours.

If you’re asking yourself if you’re ready for the effects of a potential disaster just as a vicious storm, wildfire, or another ferocious act of God is bearing down on your home region, it’s probably already too late. In those cases, you just have to cross your fingers and hope that homes, possessions, and the people closest to you are all spared the full brunt of nature’s fury. But even if you’re “lucky”…well, even then, you could be looking at some dark days ahead. Literally.

Hurricanes and tropical storms plunge thousands into extended power outages several times each year. And in many areas, even the threat of wildfires can trigger blackouts that can go on for days.

Even if you aren’t routinely facing outage threats, it can be a major hassle when a random power hit leaves you in darkness, with your freezer thawing, and limited links to the outside world. Backup like the tag team of the Generark HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station and the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel ($1,399, 26 percent off, from TNW Deals) can be the immediate lifeline that can get you through until the power returns.

The HomePower One is versatile, portable, reliable power that’s ready at a moment’s notice. This emergency backup battery station holds a power store of over 1,000 watts for up to a year, enough for supplying up to 7 days worth of juice on a single charge. The unit also makes it easy to feed that power where it’s needed, with three AC outlets, four USB-C and USB-A outputs, and even a 12-volt car output for compatible devices. Armed with all that connectivity, it’s enough power to keep everything, including your refrigerator and other home appliances, up and running for days while you wait for power to come back.

And if power isn’t restored quickly, the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel has you covered in that eventuality. Made from durable cloth and PET high-temperature resistant material and deployable in less than 30 seconds, this panel’s monocrystalline solar cells drink in the sun’s rays and restores your HomePower One’s battery. With just one SolarPower One panel, it only takes about 19 hours to take a HomePower One from no power to 100 percent capability.

Together, the Generark HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station and the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel tandem usually retail for almost $1,900, but as part of this offer, users can save almost $500 and get both pieces of critical backup equipment for just $1,399.

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