Derrick Henry’s high school stats look like a Madden glitch

‘Scuse him ... coming through...

‘Scuse him … coming through…
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It’s not breaking news that Derrick Henry is one of the most dominant running backs of the past 20 seasons.

This man is one of the most physically imposing runners that I’ve ever seen carry the rock.

He’s a Heisman Trophy-winner, and a man who rushed for over 2,000 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2020 with the Titans. He embarrasses grown men every Sunday by shredding them like they are made out of wax paper. These are NFL athletes weighing 220-plus pounds and Henry throws them around like a nerf ball in his backyard.

He even has the coaching staff for the Titans using real people as stiff-arming dummies for Henry.

I’ve always been aware of Henry’s talent and was impressed by his ability even going back to his days at Alabama.

But now his high school numbers have hit the timeline and they look like he was playing in a video game. At Yulee High School outside of Jacksonville, Fla., this man rushed 1,397 times for 12,124 yards and 153 touchdowns. Henry averaged 252.6 yards per game over his four-year career and 8.7 yards per rush.

First of all, whoever Henry’s high school coach was back then must have had his job riding on Henry getting some D1 offers cause that many carries for a high schooler is ridiculous.

One time during his senior year Henry had 57 carries in a game. That’s absurd. I understand if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but at some point, you have to call a pass play right?

Henry will be coming into the 2021 NFL season as arguably the best running back in the league and now he has even more help with the addition of wide receiver Julio Jones to their offense. I doubt that you’ll see Henry have another 2,000-yard season this year, especially with Jones and AJ Brown lining up as viable weapons on the outside. Yet, if Ryan Tannehill can prove that he can take that next step for the Titans, this will be an offense that will be very scary.

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