Keyshawn Johnson surprisingly attacks ‘diva’ Tony Romo on ‘First Take’

Keyshawn Johnson seems to be holding on to his past “diva” experience with former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The former Jets wide receiver, who played with Romo in Dallas from 2004-’05, appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday and had some brutally honest words for his former teammate.

“Tony Romo is one of the most diva-ish dudes that I’ve ever been around at [QB]. And he wasn’t even starting at the time,” Johnson said.

Romo was a backup to Vinny Testaverde in his rookie year in 2004, and then Drew Bledsoe in 2005.

“I think Tony might’ve even been on the practice squad. Major diva, though.”

Fortunately for Romo fans, Johnson didn’t elaborate on exactly what made the Dallas icon act like a diva in his playing days.

Johnson was answering the question of whether quarterbacks or wide receivers were bigger divas. The three-time Pro Bowl wideout surely had some bias in his answer, but he did make some interesting points.

“The moment that we look like we’re frustrated or we have a certain swag to us, we’re divas. But quarterbacks can ask for the highest money. They can decide whether or not — Brett Favre — if I want to play one day, don’t want to play another,” Johnson began, before moving onto Aaron Rodgers and his infamous Packers standout throughout the summer, leading up to training camp.

Tony Romo with the Cowboys in 2014.
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“If I decide I want to play, don’t want to play another. Oh I need to be able to have some control or else I’m going go do ‘Jeopardy,’” he said about Rodgers’ quiz show hosting gig in April.

Keyshawn Johnson with the Cowboys during training camp in 2004.
Keyshawn Johnson with the Cowboys during training camp in 2004.
Getty Images

“If a receiver was to say that, we’d be crucified… I’m a living witness of it. I see what happens on a daily basis with these quarterbacks. The quarterback is always right because he’s the highest paid guy on the team. You can’t say anything bad to the quarterback. If you say something to him — if you scream at him or yell at him — you’re a problem. They always got to have the, ‘Look at his pretty face. His hairstyle. Oh, what about his suit!’ All diva stuff. Everything.”

Johnson, a Super Bowl champion, announced his NFL retirement in 2007.

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