LeBron’s Ohio State take, trick plays galore and more from Week 2

We have made it to Week 2 of the college football season, and if the first week showed us anything, it’s that there’s plenty in store for the rest of the season.

Come back here throughout the day for the latest results, reaction and revelry from throughout the land.

Like plenty of in-state rivalries, Iowa-Iowa State is always good for some bitterness and intensity. It hasn’t necessarily been good for genuine quality through the years, however. Between 1977 and 2016, the Hawkeyes and Cyclones both finished with winning records only five times — 1986, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2009. (This was primarily, but not always, due to ISU failing to hold up its end of that bargain.) The games were frequently close but rarely good; there’s a reason why the college football internet took to labeling this game ¡El Assico!. Read more from Bill Connelly’s Week 1 preview (ESPN+)

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Touchdown of the day

It really seemed like CJ Verdell was unstoppable.

Takes from the couch

LeBron James was watching Ohio State-Oregon, and safe to say he was not impressed.

However, Sabrina Ionescu was real proud of her alma mater for getting the win.

All right. Stay with us. Jordan Domineck first had a top-level stiff arm, then he used his teammate as a shield to get into the end zone. But what are teammates really for if not to help you in any possible way. And Lamar Jackson is all for it.

South Carolina rallied to beat East Carolina, and A’ja Wilson was definitely happy to see her Gamecocks come through.

Here’s the winning field goal for South Carolina.

Scene in the stands

The fans at the Oregon-Ohio State game went through all the emotions you can think of.

From a pretty quiet stadium that Oregon fan Big Boi was certainly enjoying.

To a raucous crowd when it looked like Ohio State could come back to win it all.

And finally, to a thrilled Oregon faithful.

So maybe this trip from a member of the Ohio State band was a sign of things to come. (Answer: yes.)

GameDay antics

Lots of tractors in college football this week for one reason or another, but hey, we’re here for it.

Ashton Kutcher came prepared.

And Lee Corso’s pick is …



Lee Corso makes a pick in the first-ever top-10 matchup between Iowa and Iowa State.

More: Best signs from Saturday

Mascot fun

This looks like prime seating for Ohio State-Oregon.

And if you want a full play-by-play of the Duck’s antics along with Brutus’, read this.

Rivalry beef

We’ve got an early rivalry game for us in Week 2 of the season between Utah and BYU. And former Utah QB Tyler Huntley reminded us of some rather tame comments about BYU — well, as tame as it gets for a rivalry.

NIL deal of the week

With so many unique NIL deals as of late, it’s hard to pick and choose the best ones, but this one that Marquan McCall signed is actually amazing.

Uniform updates

Can always count on Oregon to have some cool threads, and what better game to have these uniforms for, than against Ohio State?

Now, these are real nice. If ASU says it’s OK to stare, then look at this shine (insert eyes emoji).

And NC State’s uniforms look pretty sharp.

More must-see

Talk that talk Marko Vidackovic!

Also, someone left a rubber duck at center field, and we applaud whoever did it.

Make a man miss! Or, several men.

This is the type of effort we love to see.

Something equally and important as Corso’s pick? Well, Reese’s pick, of course.

Xavier Henderson has some hops! He got way up there for this interception.



Michigan State safety Xavier Henderson ends the Youngstown State drive with a sensational interception.

More trick-plays like this, please.



East Carolina calls for WR Tyler Snead to throw the ball on the first play and he finds Jsi Hatfield for a 75-yard touchdown.

And like this:



Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett swings the ball to WR Jared Wayne, who tosses a 16-yard touchdown pass to Lucas Krull.

And you know, we’ll take any and all cool touchdowns we can get.



Michigan State freezes the defense with a flea-flicker, then Payton Thorne heaves one to Jayden Reed for a 75-yard touchdown.

A little pregame backflip, very casual things.

There’s the prep that you do on the field, and then that sort of mental prep that sometimes needs some spicing up.

And in case you wanted to know, Katy Perry is still rocking with Ole Miss. Read more about her College GameDay appearance here.

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