How to preorder the Xbox Series X mini fridge


When Microsoft first announced the Xbox Series X, the reaction two its unique design was mixed. Some were excited for a new console that didn’t look like a DVR, while other mocked the tall boxy design. Specifically, it was likened to a black refrigerator. And while other companies would have let the Internet have its fun and move one, Microsoft saw an opportunity and seized upon it

While the $500 full-size fridge Microsoft made was a one-off, there will soon be a version for everyone. The Xbox Series X mini fridge is an actual product Microsoft intends to sell, and soon you will be able to preorder one for yourself. 

When is the Xbox Series X mini fridge available?

Unlike the full-size Xbox Series X fridge that is now impossible to get, the mini fridge will be available to preorder on Tuesday, Oct. 19 from Target in the US and Canada. Microsoft hasn’t given an exact launch date for these clever fridges, but they are expected to be available at some point in December. 

If you are not in the US or Canada, here’s where you can get the Xbox Series X mini fridge.

  • UK: GAME (£89.99)
  • France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands and Poland: Toynk (via Amazon), GameStop EU, Micromania (€99.00)

What can this Xbox Series X mini fridge do?

It’s a mini fridge that looks like the Xbox Series X. It’s got glowing green lights on top with the curved textures you see on the actual console and all of the same button and port designs. When you open the fridge, you get a classic Xbox green interior with enough space to hold 10 standard soda cans or 12 thinner energy drink-style cans — with two small shelves on the door to hold a candy bar or two. 

There are a pair of small green plastic shelves that are removable, and of course the Xbox logo on the front glows white to match the console.

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