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Seasoned Destiny 2 players know they can count on the elusive merchant Xur to make an appearance with special exotic items every Friday, but what’s not so clear is where you’ll be able to find him. Below, you’ll find a map with a marker that indicates where Xur is, as well as a list of his wares.

Who is Xur?

If you’re new to Destiny 2 and need a bit more information about how this works, you should know that Xur is a special vendor who sells exotic weapons and armor. Each week, he comes to the solar system with a slate of goods, including an exotic weapon and one piece of exotic armor for each character class. In Beyond Light, he now stocks items like the Five of Swords. He also offers quests to reclaim old exotic weapons you may have missed.

Where to find Xur (April 30-May 4)

The trouble with Xur is finding him. We always know when Xur will show up — at the daily reset at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET each Friday. The question is where Xur will be. Previously in Destiny 2, Xur’s location was marked on the map. He’s now unmarked and harder to find each weekend. Here’s where to go to track down Xur, the Agent of the Nine, as well as everything you need to know about what he’s offering this week.

Xur is fortunately pretty easy to find this week. You can find him in the Tower over in the Hangar. Run to the right side of the map and run under the building housing Future War Cult. Head to the northern edge of the map and run up the flight of stairs there. You’ll find Xur hanging out right at the top of that first staircase, next to the next flight of stairs.

Here is the exact location:

Xur’s wares for this week

Arbalest – 29 Legendary Shards: Arbalest is a must-have weapon when it comes to PVE. The linear fusion rifle is built to take down elemental shields, which can be a big help in Nightfalls and Raids. The kinetic weapon’s slugs do major damage against shields, so it’s a good way to chew down bulky enemies like Wizards.

Astrocyte Verse (Warlocks) – 23 Legendary Shards: Astrocyte Verse upgrades your Blink ability, making it even more useful. While wearing this exotic helmet, blink will teleport your guardian further and more frequently. Your weapon’s ready speed will also raise whenever you exit blink and radar will remain up.

Graviton Forfeit (Hunter) – 23 Legendary Shards: Want to become The Invisible Man? Graviton Forfeit has you covered. This exotic helmet increases the duration of any Hunter invisibility effects. On top of that, your melee energy will recharge faster while clocked. So this helmet allows you to sneak up on enemies and punch them out with ease. Sneaky.

Mk. 44 Stand Asides (Titan) – 23 Legendary Shards: Mk. 44 Stand Asides effectively turn your Titan into a charging bull. If you sprint while at full health with Seismic Strike, Shield Bash, or Hammer Strike equipped, you’ll gain an overshield. When you land a hit with one of those abilities, you’ll receive a portion of melee energy back.

Exotic Cipher Quest — Xenology: Exotic Ciphers are items that allow players to obtain older exotic weapons. Every week, Xur will sell one exotic quest, which awards an exotic cipher. You can only hold one exotic cipher quest at a time, so make sure to clear out anything you have in progress so you can buy a new one every week. This week, players will get the Xenology quest, which requires you to clear strikes as well as win Crucible or Gambit matches.

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