British terrorist who fled ISIS caught because he couldn’t stop eating kebabs

Former rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 31, put on six stone after fleeing Islamic State and his ears had to be used to identify him by police in Spain where he was arrested

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary’s love of kebabs helped Spanish police arrest him

An alleged British terrorist who put on six stone after fleeing Islamic State was seized due to his kebab habit, the Mirror can reveal.

Former rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 31, gained so much weight while on the run that Spanish police had to use his ears to identify him.

The Londoner had fought in Syria with Islamic State and was mistaken for its beheader-in-chief Jihadi John.

He fled Syria for Algeria and was then arrested in 2020 with two aides after taking delivery of kebab orders.

Detectives identified alleged Algerian fixer and people smuggler Adbeizerrak Seddiki as the man ordering kebabs online thanks to a social media post.

The alleged British terrorist put on six stone after fleeing Islamic State

They surveilled the address in Almeria, south east Spain, before pouncing on Abdel Bary as the alleged terror team took a third kebab delivery.

According to Spanish paper El Pais, Seddiki put in an order for takeaway food on April 15 2020 at 10.46pm local time, five days before the arrest, from a premises identified as The Kebab Shop.

Due to the weight he had put on, he had to be identified by detectives by his ears


Internet Unknown)

The second was made from Makro Doner at 10pm the following night. The third Uber Eats delivery, at 2.48pm on April 18, led to police spotting Siddiki on a balcony and identifying Abdel Bary “by his ears”.

A Spanish judge authorised a raid on the flat, leading to the arrests of Abdel Bary, Siddiki and a third Algerian named as Kossaila Chollouah.

They also seized £43,000 worth of bitcoin and other evidence.

The former rapper from London had fought in Syria with Islamic State


Abdel Bary remains in Soto del Real prison near Madrid. He has not been charged but investigators suspect he was preparing a terrorist attack.

Bary is the son of Adel Abdel Bari who confessed to murdering more than 200 people in bombings in Africa.

His parents brought Bary to London from Egypt as a six-year-old.

Before he left for Syria in 2013, some of his rap music was broadcast on Radio 1.

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