Claudia Winkleman unrecognisable in old snaps without ​fringe and eyeliner

Claudia Winkleman graces our TV screens on Strictly Come Dancing every weekend with her iconic fringe and tanned skin tone, but the loveable presenter hasn’t always sported her now-trademark look

Stunning Claudia has carved out a trademark look for herself

She’s known as the witty host of Strictly Come Dancing, firing killer lines on the dancefloor on Saturday nights while dressed in a dazzling frock.

And while Claudia Winkleman’s hilarious, vibrant personality makes her a standout TV presenter, she’s also carved out a unique look for herself, rarely seen without her block fringe (and exceptionally shiny hair), heavy eyeliner and fake tan.

Stunning Claudia rarely deviates from her trademark style – and her gorgeous locks have even landed her a job on Head and Shoulders shampoo adverts.

And, booking herself in for three tanning sessions per week, she maintains a fresh glow all year round.

Claudia spends Saturday nights standing next to her equally stunning co-host, Tess Daly



Claudia is one of the highest paid women at the BBC



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“When I’m orange, I feel better,” Claudia has said in the past.

She inherited her love of a bronzed complexion from her mum, journalist and editor Eve Pollard, once explaining: “Like me, my mum loves an orange glow, so I remember her swirling huge brushes of orange over her face and thinking it was the most glamorous thing ever.”

When it comes to her beauty regime, Claudia is refreshingly low-maintenance – even confessing to sleeping in a full face of make up, which we’ve all done at least once.

“I’m useless,” she previously told The Mirror. “I go to bed with my make-up on – it makes me have better dreams. Then I wake up, do the school run, have a nap, then I’ll shower and take my make-up off.

“With my hair, I don’t even dry it. If I’m pushing the boat out I might brush my fringe.”

Claudia, who is one of the highest paid women at the BBC, doesn’t give herself enough credit for her incredible talent and likeability, and has previously said it’s actually her famous fringe that lands her so many jobs.

“I think it’s the only reason I get work,” she joked. “I’m sure TV producers go, ‘Who’s the one with the fringe? We’ll have her.'”

She gets her love of tanning from mum, journalist Eve Pollard



“I can’t imagine life without it. Even if it all falls out, I’ll just get a fringe wig.”

Keeping things open and honest, Claudia admitted she’s had Botox in the past – but it wasn’t for her.

She told The Sun in 2016: “I had a go at Botox and I looked weird. I’m not even going to show you what’s under my fringe because then you’ll be physically sick on me.”

“I try and be honest about it. I tried it, didn’t like it. I looked alarmed, and if there’s anything that I am it’s not alarmed.”

Claudia hasn’t always opted for the block fringe and tanned look


John Minihan/Evening Standard/REX/Shutterstock)

She once sported much lighter locks



To viewers and fans, Claudia’s image is unmistakeable. But before she settled on her trademark looks, she rocked a totally different style.

Older photos of the star show her sporting honey-coloured hair, no fringe and no eyeliner.

An image from 1995 shows her laughing at the camera with her light hair worn wavy and a side parting. Her face seems make-up free with a gorgeous rosy tone.

And Claudia – who has children Jake, Matilda and Arthur with husband Kris Thykier – once explained the thinking behind her equally gorgeous revamped style, stating she she sees it as ‘armour’ designed to ‘desexualise’ her.

“If you’ve got a fringe and been spray-painted, you’re winning… it totally desexualises you,” she told the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

“I don’t want to be sexually attractive, I don’t want to be cute or sexy. I want to be Yves in Lyons. It helps with ageing.

“My face is falling off… I don’t care. I love getting old but I will still be the orange one with the fringe.”

She continued: “I’ve got three pairs of the same black jeans, plain sweaters, a fringe, orange face, black eyes, white mouth like I’ve kissed a bottle of Tippex, and I’m good to go.”

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