Driver smashes into cars and hits motorcyclist as onlookers shout in horror

The man behind the wheel, who later appears shirtless, can be seen smashing into cars outside a pub in Godalming, Surrey as onlookers shout to call the police

Shocking footage shows Land Rover driver on ‘rampage’

A motorcyclist was put in hospital after a Land Rover driver left a trail of destruction in a leafy market town.

Shocking footage, widely shared on social media, shows the blue vehicle being driven erratically around Godalming, in Surrey.

The man behind the wheel – who later appears shirtless – can be seen smashing into cars as onlookers shout to call the police.

A motorcyclist is then clattered into and left lying motionless in the road.

The carnage unfolded outside the Leathern Bottle pub, on Meadrow, on Friday night.

The Mirror, who understands there has been an arrest, has contacted Surrey Police for further information about the incident.

Were you there? Do you know what happened? Email [email protected]

The driver emerges shirtless at the end of the video



According to reports, the boy riding the motorcycle was aged 17 – and luckily escaped largely unscathed.

A post on a community Facebook page, said to be on behalf of his mum, said: “We wish to thank all those involved in the care of our son after he was involved in the RTA on Friday.

“We would like to thanks the Fire Service for their care, Elaine and the staff at The Leathern Bottle.

“The wonderful nurse (did not get a name) who stayed with our son until the paramedic arrived. Godalming Naval club and all those who were there to support.

“Our son is ok, he has been extremely lucky. THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough but it seems that is all we can.”

A 90-second clip – which has been viewed more than 460,000 times – shows the chaos unfolding.

The Land Rover is seen speeding over grass verges with no lights on, and colliding with a stationary car.

A motorcyclist was sent flying – but is said to have emerged largely unscathed



The driver then performs a u-turn in the middle of a junction and lines the vehicle up, driving back off the road onto the verge at speed.

He smashes into the side of another car as he emerges back on to the road – leaving one witness shouting.

The Land Rover then turns around in a car park and smashes back in to the convertible as he returns, pushing it off the road.

And it is then that the vehicle emerges onto a road and collides with the motorcycle – sending the driver flying.

This is followed by the Land Rover driver getting out of the car – which bears learner plates – and shouts: “Me steering lock’s broke.”

In response to the post about the supposed victim, one man said: “Glad he is okay. Bloody lucky, that’s a horrific video.”

Another added: “So relieved to hear the young man was ok. Glad also that there are some good people around who took care of him.”

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