Emmerdale’s Liam Cavanagh’s lies unravel as wife Leyla makes alarming discovery

Emmerdale’s Liam Cavanagh has been through turmoil recently, but his odd behaviour leads to Leyla Harding uncovering his lies

Emmerdale airs secrets and lies for one couple next week, according to new spoilers for the ITV soap.

Liam Cavanagh is rumbled by his suspicious wife Leyla Harding, after his recent odd behaviour.

It comes following a new job role for the doctor, with him starting at Hotten General, previously working in the village surgery.

But Leyla soon makes a shocking discovery and realises she’s been lied to, when she heads to the hospital to pay him a visit.

Noticing that he has been acting weirdly since his new role began, she decides to find out what’s been going on.

But as she arrives, Leyla is stunned and confused when she finds out Liam doesn’t even work there and has completely made up his new job.

Emmerdale airs secrets and lies for one couple next week



She does confront Liam and tries to get the truth out of him but he doesn’t give anything away, leading to her suspecting he might be having an affair.

Leyla worries he is secretly having a fling with his ex Bernice Blackstock, after their recent marriage troubles.

Liam has been grieving the death of his 18-year-old daughter Leanna who died earlier this year, and was in fact murdered by his colleague Meena Jutla – something no one knows.

Liam Cavanagh is rumbled by his suspicious wife Leyla Harding, after his recent odd behaviour



Leyla suffered a devastating miscarriage recently, but kept the news from him at first in fear of him not coping.

Now the pair seem to be doing okay, until Leyla suspects he is hiding something from her given his blatant lies about his whereabouts.

She later spots him putting flowers in the back of his car, and convinces pal Priya Sharma that they need to follow him.

When they reach his final location, he enters a mystery house which has a ‘for sale’ sign outside – leaving the ladies baffled.

As Liam returns home later on, Leyla notices he is in a more upbeat mood as he continues to lie about his day at work at the hospital.

He has no idea he has been followed, with Leyla devastated when he continues to be dishonest with her.

Emmerdale’s Liam Cavanagh has been through turmoil recently



Leyla, still not knowing what exactly is going on, continues her investigation into his recent activity away from the house.

She decides to look at his sat nav to see what his history reveals about where he has been in the past week.

It’s not long before she comes to a decision, while Priya is disapproving of her approach to her husband’s clear lies.

But will Leyla tell him what she knows, and will Liam finally spill the truth?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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