Gemma Collins’ wildest splurges – £3k giraffe, £45k car and gold-plated steak

Gemma Collins absolutely loves splashing the cash.

So much so, her father was forced to confiscate her bank cards and give her a monthly allowance so she didn’t run her finances into the ground (she was still allowed an impressive £3,000 a month).

Gemma revealed she blew “£1,000 every day for two months” at what she described as a low point in her life.

“It was kind of self destruction in a way, and I’m pleased my dad took my card off me because I’m telling you know I would have ended up in trouble,” she told Piers Morgan.

She also admitted to spending most nights in The Dorchester – a luxury five star hotel in central London where she paid £800 per night.

While Gemma may have curbed her damaging spending habit, she is still well known for her lavish purchases which have included hundreds of pounds worth of steak and thousands on cosmetic enhancements.

She is due to start her ‘Big Night Out’ tour soon, and will reportedly rake in as much as £250k a week during the show – but let’s take a look at her most lavish cash splashing so far.

Gemma recently bought and renovated her Essex “dream home”



Gemma’s enormous estate includes a stunning back garden



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£1.3million swanky pad

Gemma resides in an enormous Essex pile worth £1.3million, which she lovingly designed herself and filled with ‘pink fabulousness’, including a life-sized plastic horse called Talulah, who eventually got moved inside because she was taking up too much room.

The glass-fronted, open plan home was paid for by Gemma’s lucrative clothing company as well as her TV show Diva Forever.

Gemma’s ‘forever home’ also comes complete with a pink panic room.

Gemma bought a five-bedroomed barn in the Essex countryside

The luxury pad, which was converted from a barn and has five bedrooms, four ensuite bathrooms and an acre of land also features a state-of-the art kitchen and swimming pool.

Gemma said on her podcast: “It’s kind of like a shrine to me this house, I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but everywhere you go you just know it’s my house.”

In another bid to stamp her identity on her property Gemma has banned all velvet furniture to keep things classy.

“One good thing is there’s no crushed velvet in the house. Everyone in Essex seems to have crushed velvet sofas, and there’s not one in the house,” she declared.

Gemma has big ambitions for her home, and is planning a two-year renovation project to turn the manor into a sparkly pink palace with its own helipad and gem-encrusted bathtub.

£3,000 life-sized giraffe chandelier

Gemma Collins has dropped £3k on a life-sized giraffe figurine that holds her extravagant chandelier


Gemma’s new piece was positioned in her living room and stands at 2.7metres tall


Gemma Collins Instagram)

Never one to do anything by halves, Gemma splashed a whopping £3,000 on an eye-catching life-sized giraffe chandelier holder.

Created by Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, the statement piece consists of a 2.7metres tall white giraffe, holding a Marie-Therese style chandelier in its mouth.

Retailing on their website at £3,195.00, Courthouse Interiors describes the quirky chandelier as something “guaranteed to be a loveable, eye-catching feature and talking point in your property.”

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Gemma tagged Courthouse Interiors in her posts showing off her new addition.

“Guys, I’m so over the moon,” she told her fans on social media, as she revealed her plans to hang the animal-themed piece over the railing of her mezzanine.

“Look at the stunning lamp.”

However, it wasn’t to be – the Milan-made chandelier was too tall to fit underneath the low ceiling.

“Back down to its original place,” the reality TV star wrote as the lamp returned to the ground floor.

The giraffe then found its forever home in Gemma’s living room – nestled between her two pink sofas.

Ritz hotel stays for £650

Gemma loves overnight stays in five star hotels


Steve Taylor/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock)

As proved by her revelation that she wanted to live at the Dorchester, it’s clear Gemma absolutely loves a posh hotel stay.

And the star will often book into a £650-a-night room at The Ritz to avoid having to take taxi or train back to Essex.

The luxury hotel in Mayfair boasts a five star rating, but even Gemma thinks the prices are a bit steep.

“Guys, I’m at the Ritz,” she said on her podcast. “I did treat myself to a room last night because I have been working non-stop again.

“And I think it’s coming to that time again where I need to buy myself a place in London because I’m spending so much on hotel rooms.

“It is nice as a treat once in a while – I’m a hard-working girl, but I sort of think, God, it’s costing me £650 to go to sleep of a night.”

Extravagant facials and £350 fat-dissolving injection

Gemma said she looked “ten years younger” after a pricey face massage



Gemma recently had her chin fat dissolved in a new procedure



Looking like the GC does not come cheap.

Gemma has spent a reported £8,366 worth of cosmetic treatments in the last two years to keep herself looking selfie-ready at all times.

This includes regular massages with the Face Gym, which can cost £75 for 35 minutes and claim to give you more defined cheekbones and lifted appearance.

She also splashed £350 for a fat-dissolving treatment in her chin, which she said made her feel “brand new”.

A painful “jawline contouring” treatment also helped to sculpt Gemma’s face, promising to “treat sagging dull skin and wrinkles” and thought to cost around £300.

She is also a big fan of £750 facials which use High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, also known as ulatherapy or a 3D facial, and her La Mer face cream retails at £250.

£45,000 “incredibly rare” car

Gemma and her ‘incredibly rare’ new Land Rover

Last month, Gemma treated herself to a new set of wheels with an eye-wateringly expensive price tag.

The former car saleswoman dropped a cool £45,000 on a new Land Rover Defender, which was apparently like “gold dust” to get hold of.

Sharing a video of herself beside her pride and joy Gemma says: “This car is gold dust but so am I @theessexcargroup thank you so much for sourcing my new car the service is unbelievable.

“I’ve known kenny since I was young he was about 4 !!! Fact about kenny he loves Frosties I’m so proud of him @theessexcargroup.

“Guys if you’re looking for a car then this is the place to come.”

In a clip on her Instagram, Kenny tells the GC, who used to be a car dealer herself, that she deserves the vehicle.

Gemma replies: “That is another thing. I have to be honest guys, hard work, but you know what it’s all worth it.”

The generous star also bought a Porsche earlier this year – but it was a gift for her brother, Russell.

Pricey dinners – £100 bottle of wine and £1,450 gold-plated Salt Bae steak

The GC splashed out £1,450 on a gold covered steak at the swanky restaurant


Instagram/Gemma Collins)

This summer, Gemma swigged from a £100 bottle of wine during an expensive trip to Cornwall.

The bottle of Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru from 2017 fetches a price of more than £100 on online retailers, and in a restaurant could be priced even higher.

Gemma showed the expensive bottle on her Instagram story as she indulged in a staycation on the Cornish coast.

This week, Gemma was shocked when she received the bill for her steak at Salt Bae’s new London restaurant.

In a clip shared on Instagram, she filmed Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, slicing the tomahawk steak and sprinkling salt using the method that made him famous.

The meat was also covered with a gold leaf to add a touch of luxury.

Gemma had a wonderful time at the restaurant but later expressed anguish over the price tag that comes with the experience.

“I have to give the ambience of the restaurant, the experience, a 10 out of 10,” she said.

“The bill was another situation, I was in utter shock. But you have to weigh these things up, the press reported that my steak cost £700, if only they knew.

“I wish it cost £700. It actually cost £1,450.”

The GC went on to say how she felt “sick” when she woke up the next morning and remembered how much she spent.

She went on: “I went a bit over the top, but the only way I can justify it was that I haven’t been on holiday this year.

“I’ve been on a staycation, so we sort of had maybe all our holidays in one evening. It’s something I’ve never done before, I would never spend that money, but we had a good evening.

“Yes we had 24 carat gold steak…I felt a bit sick. It was an amazing experience, I would have paid that to meet him anyway because I love him, and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” she concluded.

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