GMB’s Kate Garraway called out by Adil Ray as she makes awkward name blunder

Kate Garraway was called out by Adil Ray over the awkward name blunder she made as she introduced Simon Callow as Simon Cowell on ITV’s Good Morning Britain

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GMB: Kate Garraway called out by Adil for awkward name blunder

Kate Garraway was called out by Adil Ray on Good Morning Britain today, as she made a name blunder live on air.

The presenting duo were anchoring today’s show on ITV, where they discussed the latest news topics and previewed what was coming up later in the show, as they revealed they would be joined by two musical stars.

As Kate introduced the upcoming segment, she revealed two of the stars of Anything Goes would be joining them – Simon Callow and Kerry Ellis – but as she talked about Simon joining them, she seemingly called him Simon Cowell instead.

Adil and Kate were in hysterics over her error


She said: “Still ahead on Good Morning Britain, you’ll like this Richard, Anything Goes. It’s snatched box office records in London and now it’s off on tour. It’s got Four Weddings legend Simon Cowell and Wicked star Kerry Ellis and they’re both joining us later.”

“Simon Cowell?” Adil quickly questioned, as Kate enunciated strongly, adding: “Callow! Did I say Cowell?”

Adil then shared: “I don’t know, I heard Cowell,” as Kate insisted she meant Callow and not Cowell.

“It would be good to see Simon Cowell in a musical,” Adil joked, as Kate quickly insisted she hadn’t made the error. “I didn’t, apparently I didn’t. But anyway, let’s get the news, travel and weather where you are,” she said.

Adil was sure Kate had said Simon Cowell not Simon Callow



Fans tuning into the breakfast show confessed they heard her say Simon Cowell too.

@kategarraway I’m with @adilray, I heard Simon Cowell #GMB,” one penned online.

Kate is a regular anchor on Good Morning Britain, but she is standing in for Susanna Reid, who is off for a couple of weeks due to the Easter break. Aside from the show, she helps to care for her husband Derek Draper, who is suffering from long Covid.

Kate was sure she didn’t make the error


He was hospitalised back in March 2020 after contracting the virus and is on a long journey back to health. Giving her latest update, she explained of her husband’s struggles with speech: “In a sense Derek – because of Covid – has a version of this where he can understand, sometimes do odd words, but can’t express himself.

“It’s very interesting what you say Anita about the loneliness of that because you’ve lost that relationship and that ability for others to see your partner.” Derek has been home from hospital since April 2021, but still requires round the clock care.

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