Grieving wife’s tribute to husband ripped from her life after one punch killing

Adam Lovatt died after being hit by Samuel Thorpe in an unprovoked assault on a night out in Crewe three years ago – Thorpe has now been convicted of manslaughter

Adam Lovatt had gone out in Crewe to celebrate with his wife Clare Lovatt at a local pub, but was killed in a one-punch attack

A grieving widow has paid a heartbreaking tribute to her husband after he was killed in a one punch attack as he celebrated his birthday.

Adam Lovatt, 45, died after being hit by Samuel Thorpe, 26, in an unprovoked assault in Audlem on Friday May 25, 2018.

Adam had gone out in Crewe to celebrate with his wife Clare Lovatt at a local pub, but continued on to another pub when she went home.

At the next one he was almost assaulted, and decided to leave, but was followed by Thorpe and Nicholas Hill, 37, who caught up with him.

Thorpe punched Adam once, causing him to fall backwards and hit his head on the ground. He suffered two skull fractures and a large bleed on the brain. He passed away later that day.

Clare and Adam pictured with their two children


MEN Media)

Thorpe was found guilty of manslaughter at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday following a 10-day trial.

His co-defendant Hill, 37, was found not guilty of manslaughter but had already pleaded guilty to assisting an offender at an earlier hearing.

They will both be sentenced on November 26.

Now in a heartbreaking tribute, wife Clare has spoken of the ‘trauma’ she has experienced since her ‘amazing husband’ was ‘ripped’ out of their lives.

Stoke on Trent Live reports she said: “The immense loss I have experienced from losing Adam, my amazing husband, cannot be underestimated. His senseless and tragic death has caused me so much trauma over the last three-and-a-half years.

Thorpe was found guilty of manslaughter at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday following a 10-day trial


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“As a nurse I have only ever wanted to help people, as a mother I only ever wanted a good life for our boys and for them to grow up in a nurturing, respectful environment.

“Adam’s love and support gave us all of this. Having Adam literally ‘ripped’ out of our lives and my future stolen is too much for anyone to bear. I am no longer the person I was whilst he was alive.

“Adam loved and married me because of my values in caring for others because we were both ‘good’ people.

“Adam was a true family man, being a good husband and father were extremely important values to him as well as working hard and making an honest living.

“We enjoyed simple things like family meals – always cooked by Adam. He did lovely things for me like running a hot bath, putting out candles and having a meal cooked for me when I got in late from a nursing shift. He made life better in every way.

“Hearing the tributes at Adam’s funeral enabled those there to see the true Adam. The way his boss spoke about how popular and respected he was in his management job at Booker Retail where he worked so hard.

“The way our sons spoke about the immensely positive impact he had on their lives. Both having challenging and misunderstood medical conditions, Adam was there every step of the way to encourage and support them.

Dad-of-two Adam died after being punched and suffering a bleed on the brain


MEN Media)

“We worked hard, saved and moved to Audlem for our family to be part of what we thought would be a caring community.

“Adam and I gave so much to the community buying The Deli, being company directors and investing in the business, providing local employment and giving to local causes. All of this on top of our day jobs.

“Adam was my soul mate, the love of my life, and the one for me. My heart has been broken since the day I laid next to him on his bedside for the last time whilst on life support. I will forever be grateful for my darling husband, I love him always and forever.

“I feel that justice has finally been served. That the actions of the main defendant, the lies he told to cover up the truth and not taking any responsibility, have been exposed.

“The British judicial system is extremely fair in that a jury must decide. It is heartening that a jury of good people, like the majority of people in the country, have found him guilty. This sets the right example for our younger generations.”

Detective Inspector Adam Waller, who led the investigation into the death, said: “Adam’s life was tragically cut short with just one punch.

“It’s a stark reminder to people that that the decision to strike out at someone in anger could change lives instantly.

“Adam’s family are grieving and trying to come to terms with life without a loved one and other families will have to come to terms with their loved ones having been convicted and facing the prospect of time behind bars – all because of one punch on a night out.

“Adam was callously left lying fatally injured in the road until a passing motorist summonsed professional medical help.

“Neither Thorpe or Hill made any attempts to look after anyone else but themselves in making their escape and attempting to cover their tracks.

“The attempts to besmirch Adam’s character throughout the trial have been distressing for Adam’s family to have had to bear witness to, and thankfully have had no bearing on the outcome.”

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