Major ‘chemical leak’ forces hotel evacuation as ‘smell spreads through venue’

Officers have taped off the entrance to the McDonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa in Grangemouth and the hotel is understood to have been evacuated after reports of the smell of chemicals

Fire crews and emergency services have rushed to a town hotel and police have locked locked down the area after a chemical leak in a swimming pool.

Officers have taped off the entrance to the McDonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa in Grangemouth and the hotel is understood to have been evacuated.

Three fire engines, a support unit and an ambulance Specialist Operations Response Team are also on the scene.

The exact nature of the incident is not yet known but unconfirmed reports suggest there has been a significant chemical leak at the hotel’s swimming pool.

It is understood the smell of chemicals quickly spread through the hotel’s air conditioning unit as emergency services were alerted, Daily Record reports.

The McDonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa in Grangemouth

All guests and staff were evacuated quickly but it is not currently known if anyone has been injured.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were called at 7.30pm on Sunday September 26 to assist as part of a multi-agency response to incident at a hotel on Grange Road, Polmont.

“Operations control mobilised two appliances and a specialist response to the scene where crews remain in attendance.”

The leak was at the swimming pool

Police Scotland confirmed on Sunday night they were still in attendance at the ongoing incident.

Guests at a sweet sixteenth and a wedding were amongst scores of people who were evacuated from the luxury hotel.

Guests were quickly evacuated by staff and moved to the car park before they were allowed to enter the other side of the hotel some time later.

A senior police constable then arrived and confirmed there had been a chemical gas leak of chlorine at the pool as first responders urged anyone who had used the leisure facilities to come forward for treatment.

Emergency services at the scene


Kyle Mclachlan)

Kyle Mclachlan was the DJ at a 16th birthday party taking place at one of the smaller suites.

He told the Record the party was evacuated one minute into the first song of the night as the fire alarm blared during Joel Corry’s Sorry.

The 25-year-old said: “The guests arrived at 7pm and then around 7.15pm I made my usual safety announcement on Covid rules and I pointed out all the fire exits in the case of a fire alarm.

“I put the first song of the night on to start the party and within one minute the fire alarm started going off.

“The staff were very fast to respond and get everyone out of the room.

“The guests were all taken out to the car park – there was also a wedding on – and we were all moved to the back of the carpark for safety reasons.

“Within 15-20 minutes two fire engines arrived and then police came and started putting cordons and take up.”

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