Married At First Sight’s Luke breaks down as Morag labels him ‘not manly enough’

There were tears on Married At First Sight UK after Morag gave a damning dressing down of her new husband Luke and pointed out his failings

Married at First Sight: Morag asks Luke to be more ‘manly’

Married At First Sight UK star Luke was reduced to tears after his new wife Morag told him that he needs to “be more manly.”

The E4 reality series sees couples paired and married at the first time of meeting but Morag feels like she has not got ‘what she ordered’.

The couple have headed to Switzerland for their honeymoon and Morag has not been impressed with the chilly location, in which romance was supposed to blossom.

She is also not happy that Luke has failed to made any moves yet and said that she is a “touchy feely” person and Luke has not tried to touch her.

Morag declared: “I don’t want to hurt him but I am just not feeling it.”

Morag had some tough love for her husband Luke



She says Welsh lad Luke is like “the boy from the valleys” but said while she he has been “cheeky and funny”, she is wanting “sexual”

“How do you expect me to fancy you if you’re just acting like my mates?”

She then landed her damning verdict: “I feel like you are not treating me like your wife and I just need you to be a bit more manly.”

The couple had an uncomfortable conversation over breakfast, in which Morag told her new husband: “You’re lovely but I need more man than boy.”

Luke found it tough going hearing Morag’s thoughts



Luke was stunned by her verdict, saying: “To be called not a man is a low blow. To me being a man is being loyal, having your back supporting you.

“I wanted someone to like me for who I am.”

Morag was not finished yet though and next turned to Luke’s physical attributes: “I spend a lot of time around people who care about what they actually look like.

“I literally go for the same type of guy all the time, I go to the gym everyday and surrounded by all these gym bods.”

Luke replied: “It’s hard all this, I’m finding it tough. My biggest fear in this is my partner not finding me attractive.”

Morag hit back: “I need the sexual attraction.”

Luke was soon in tears after Morag’s dressing down



Speaking to the camera, Luke wiped away tears and said: “To be told you’re not good enough, it really sucks. I’m not a pushover, I don’t know how we come back from this.”

Viewers were heartbroken for Luke and took to Twitter to share their support for him and hit out at Morag for “humiliating” him.

One viewers tweeted: “Poor Luke how can some people be so cruel to others. Morag wanted everyone to think she was this genuine loving person and she acts like this? I would respect her more if she just said she didn’t find Luke attractive instead of humiliating him like this #MAFSUK

Another added: “For the love of god some one give that luke a hug #MAFSUK

A third shared: “Totally unfair how Morag is making Luke feel, she wants a boy and not a man clearly. Obviously her previous type hasn’t worked for her and he is just the loveliest person!!!! Infuriating to watch #MAFSUK

Morag wants Luke to be ‘a man and not a boy’



Luke stated that he was “not a quitter” and he managed to turn the course of the relationship as he left Morag stunned at the lengths he went to.

She said: “I definitely don’t deserve it.

“I think I owe you a massive apology and it’s definitely out of order because you had been trying… After I said it to you it really hurt me because I thought, oh maybe I do like him and I thought, what if I messed this up?

“There is potential there for me to find that spark. I’m happy that you’re still here.”

Luke let her know: “I’m not going anywhere.”

*Married At First Sight UK airs weeknights at 9pm on E4.

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