Michaela Strachan under fire for calling quarantine hotel ‘posh prison’

The presenter, 55, has returned from South Africa, which is on the government’s red list, so is required to quarantine for 10 days

Michaela Strachan sparked fury with her complaints about her quarantine hotel

Springwatch’s Michaela Strachan has come under fire for calling her quarantine hotel “posh prison”.

The presenter, 55, has just returned from South Africa, which has been classed as a ‘red list country’ in the government’s travel rules.

People who have returned to the UK from a red list country are required by law to quarantine at a hotel – which will cost more than £2,000 – and if they break the rules, they face a £10,000 fine.

However, Michaela has been heavily criticised for comparing the hotel to a prison, and accused the security guards of watching her.

“Here we go again. Day 0 of hotel quarantine. My lovely view! Don’t quite understand why SA is on the red list while India has been taken off & despite having both jabs &neg PCR test I still have endure posh prison,but those are the rules so time to suck it up & make the most of it!” she wrote on Twitter.

She then took to social media again to poke fun at her hotel stay, and updated her followers with more details of her quarantine.

Michaela Strachan has been criticised for complaining about her quarantine hotel



“Day One posh prison. My 15 mins in the exercise yard. 8 of us watched by 8 security guards! Seriously? What do they think we’re going to do? Dig a tunnel? Have an illegal rave?

“The world’s gone utterly mad. Will I go mad in the process? Reckon there’s a good chance this time!” she quipped.

On day two of her hotel stay, Michaela said she was able to go for a walk outside to another hotel, and said that the stark contrast between her South Africa trip and her quarantine made her appreciate the “good things in life”.

She then shared a picture of her hotel breakfast, and complained that it wasn’t worth the money she was paying, prompting a flood of criticism from her followers.

“Day 3 hotel quarantine. I’m losing the will on day 3! £2250 and this is what you get for breakfast!I haven’t eaten rice crispies since I was 12 and who eats white bread anymore?

Her tweet prompted fury among her followers

“And I waited an hour and a half for a guard to let me out to the car park. think I need to breathe…..”

One Twitter user called Michaela “spoiled” for daring to complain about her breakfast, as that is what was facing millions of families across the country.

“You didn’t just come off as spoiled, you came off judgemental with it. Cereal, toast, fruit & yoghurt pretty much are the standard breakfasts of the nation. It wasn’t that you wanted more for the money that we heard- it’s that you look down on those who consume standard staples,” the follower fired.

Another fumed: “Perhaps complain to the hotel via Trip Advisor or ring reception. It seems a little insensitive at the moment when government are cutting £20 Universal Credit top up.”

After facing a barrage of negative tweets, Michaela tried to clarify her comments, and said that her tweet was supposed to be funny.

“Of course there are disadvantaged people who would find this b/fast a feast. That’s not the point.

“My point is about value for money. My tweet was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but I really don’t think expecting value for money makes me spoilt?” she asked.

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