Mum causes stir after admitting she gives son £5 pocket money for making his bed

An anonymous parent has caused a stir online after admitting she has started to pay her seven-year-old child £5 a week for making his bed and opening his curtains each morning

When it comes to pocket money, some children are given it each week and others are not.

How much kids are given can depend on certain factors – such as whether they completed chores or were well behaved enough.

But what little ones have to do to earn the cash can be a topic of great debate, as one mum recently found out.

An anonymous parent took to Mumsnet to ask fellow users to share their thoughts on pocket money, more specifically at what age should you start giving it and how much is appropriate?

The mum explained that her son, who is nearly seven, is always seeing things he wanted so she explained to him that he could do jobs to earn pocket money.

Some mums thought kids should have to make more effort to earn pocket money (stock photo)


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She had intended to wait until he was a little older to start giving pocket money, but the boy was very keen.

Her post read: “Last night he saw a toy he wanted so I said to him well maybe you can have it for birthday/Christmas and when you’re a bit older you’ll be able to help with ‘jobs’ in the house and get pocket money. To which he asked what’s pocket money.

“I explained that he’ll have a ‘job’ to do each day and at the end of every week he’ll get pocket money. Que him saying right what job can I do then, and I can save my pocket money up to buy my own toys.

“Me and his dad decided that he can make his bed and open his curtains every morning and on a Friday we’ll give him £5. But now I’m thinking is he too young?

“He’s quite mature for his age and in the bigger picture I feel it will teach him the value of money and that he has to help in the household, not everything is done for him.”

Numerous people replied to the post, with many thinking that £5 was a lot of money to give just for making a bed and opening his curtains.

One person proclaimed: “Not necessarily too young… But I think £5 is a lot. My eight and 10-year-olds get £2 as long as their bedrooms are reasonably tidy.”

Another said: “£5 for opening the curtains and making his bed?! That’s a bit much for just doing that.”

A third posted: “Seven is not to young good for them learn about cash and how much £5 actually buys you.

“I would expect him to make bed and open curtains at seven that’s just basic waking up in the morning. Should have element of effort for reward. How about hoovering downstairs, or sweeping floors. Helping unload dishwasher few times a week.”

Someone else commented: “I started giving the eldest pocket money around 13 when we got her a current account (£15 pm via SO), she mostly buys tat or food treats with it. I encourage her to save up but she’s not interested.

“They all get money put in their savings monthly but will not be able to access those accounts until 16 & 18.”

“He should have been making his bed and opening his curtains by himself way before now as part of his morning routine and he certainly shouldn’t be getting £5 for the privilege,” added a different user.

“He’s not too young for pocket money but the amount doesn’t need to be that high and the jobs he does to earn it should be things like loading the dishwasher or setting the table. Your expectations are way too low.”

How much pocket money do you give your kids and do they have to earn it? Let us know in the comments below.

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