‘My ex is upset that I don’t spend all the child support he gives me on our son’

A mum left people divided after admitting she didn’t spend all of the child support she receives from her ex-partner, with many split over whether it was fair or not

Splitting with a partner is never easy, and it becomes even tougher when you are a parent.

One mum asked for advice online on how to navigate the murky waters after falling out with her ex over child support.

Her ex, who grew up in a wealthy family, provides her with a “generous amount” every month to support their son.

But the mum, who lives frugally, chooses to save most of it, in a bid to save for her son’s future and teach him how to budget.

Taking to Reddit, In the Am I The A****** forum, the woman asked for opinions on whether she was wrong for raising their four-year-old “cheaply.”

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She explained: “So, my ex gives me a generous amount of child support every month and I use about 20-30% of it maybe.

“I’m very good at budgeting since my mum raised me on her own and we always stuck to a strict budget.

“My ex grew up being overindulged and knowing he would never have to worry about money in his lifetime, so we have different ideas of what living cheaply looks like.”

Recently, the topic of money became an issue between them – after her ex discovered she was walking their four-year-old to school every day.

He initially offered to buy her a car, before demanding she takes him to school in a taxi after she refused to purchase one.

She said: “Again, I told him no and he brought up all of the other ways he thought I was making our son ‘live cheaply’.”

“He said I didn’t buy him new football boots when he started getting into football (he is only 4), I buy him “cheap” clothes, I rarely take him to eat out and if we go to a toy shop, I only ever let him get one thing and it can’t be super expensive.”

When he asked where the money was going, the woman told him she’s saved it, either for “a rainy day or for our son.”

“Now he’s angry at me for making our son “live cheaply” and essentially told me to stop saving and actually give our son the things he wants now because he had already made sure our son would be fine in the future,” she added.

People were split, with many thinking the mum should save the money on behalf of their son – not for anything else.

One wrote: “All that money should be used to support your son not “put away for a rainy day” put any access money in a college fund or something for his future. This is not your money, it’s for your son.”

Another added: “Setting the money aside in case her son needs something in the future is smart. She’s not acquiring it for herself.

“The dad is wealthy now but things can change. Paying for an Uber home from school isn’t normal.

“Her son’s needs are being met and wanting to make sure that continues regardless of if her ex’s financial situation or willingness to pay changes is not acting in bad faith.”

“Home-cooked meals instead of eating out and only buying one toy at a time doesn’t sound like they are living in squalor,” wrote a third.

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