Parenting expert claims you should never lift a baby’s legs when changing nappy

A baby and toddler development expert has gone viral on social media after claiming that parents shouldn’t repeatedly lift their child’s legs when changing nappies as it can cause damage

Courtney’s video went viral

While it can be a little bit fiddly as you’re getting the hang of things, the process of changing a nappy is theoretically pretty straightforward.

But according to one mum, we might have all been making a big mistake when changing our kids.

This is according to Courtney Corbin-Simon, a baby and toddler development expert who posts on TikTok under the name @bloomingbebe_nyc.

The parent from the US has gone viral on the video-sharing platform after claiming there’s a ‘correct’ way to change a baby’s nappy – and you’re not meant to repeatedly lift the child’s legs.

Courtney explained: “Do you lift your baby’s legs when changing their diaper?

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“Did you know that this can cause hip and spine problems and gas?

“Here’s a small fix. Try rolling your baby from side to side to support their spine.

“Open the diaper, roll to one side and remove the soiled diaper. Grab your wipe and clean your baby.

“You may need to roll them to the opposite side to clean them well.

“Move the clean diaper under your baby’s body and roll them onto it. Fasten the diaper and there you go, a diaper change that will keep information flowing to their brains and support your baby’s growing body.”

The expert adds that the rolling technique is best for babies aged 0 to six months and that it can take a bit of practice to get right but once you’ve nailed it, it’s a great “little vestibular exercise”.

Courtney’s video has since been viewed over two million times and garnered more than 131,000 likes.

Hundreds of parents took the time to comment, with many people debating whether you should or shouldn’t lift legs.

One person wrote: “So why did all the nurses lift my daughter by her legs when we were still in the hospital?”

Another said: “Has this person ever changed a real baby’s diaper?!”

Someone else replied: “Thank you for sharing, I will apply it.”

A fourth posted: “I wish my babes would stay still enough.”

Would you try this nappy changing method? Let us know in the comments below.

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