Prince Andrew should be in jail, says accuser Virginia Giuffre’s furious dad

The case brought by Virginia Giuffre is civil and not criminal which means, even if the court found in her favour, prison is not an option for Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre’s dad says he wants Andrew ‘held accountable’

Virginia Giuffre’s dad wants to see Prince Andrew in jail and branded him a ‘guilty man’ in a TV interview this morning.

Virginia has launched a civil lawsuit against the 61-year-old royal, in which she accuses Andrew of abusing her three times when she was under the age of 18.

Prince Andrew has always strongly denied the allegations made against him.

Virginia’s father Sky Roberts was keen to have his say as he appeared on Monday’s Good Morning Britain via video link from his home in Florida.

“Well, it’s another big day for Prince Andrew today because the pre-trial conference in a civil case against him alleging sexual abuse is going to be held around 1 o’clock UK time in New York,” GMB host Richard Madeley began the segment.

Virginia Giuffre’s dad Sky Roberts appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday



Susanna Reid then added: “Virginia Roberts Guiffre claims the Prince sexually assaulted her. Claims that he strongly denies. She is now suing Prince Andrew.”

As they welcomed Sky onto the show, Richard was keen to quiz him about his daughter’s intentions and asked him: “What do you think she wants, ultimately? Does she want a settlement? Or to see him go to court?”

“I think she needs to do both. She needs to hold him accountable, I’m very proud of my daughter,” Sky replied.

He went on to allege: “He knows that he’s done wrong. Even trying to serve him papers, he was instructing his guards not to accept them.”

Virginia Giuffre pictured with her lawyer David Boies back in 2019



Prince Andrew’s legal team denied that allegation regarding the papers, with his lawyer Gary Bloxsome claiming that correct procedure was not followed and that the papers should be served via a British court official, acting as an intermediary.

Sky went on to give his personal opinion, saying: “An innocent man doesn’t do that, only a guilty man does that. I’m just proud of my daughter and that she’s going after him for this.

“Whether he goes to court or sees a judge, he should be held accountable.

He went to allege: “My daughter was sexually abused by Prince Andrew. She wants a settlement and she wants to see him served.”

Prince Andrew has always strongly denied the allegations made against him



Richard then asked him: “As a father, what would you like to see happen to Prince Andrew?”

“I would like to see him go to prison for at least a little while, I mean he needs to know what its like,” Sky replied bluntly.

“This is not the time to William Wallace, the Royals think they can do whatever they want. The times have changed, Prince Andrew still thinks it’s those times. My daughter was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

However, the case brought by Virginia Giuffre is civil and not criminal which means, even if the court found in her favour, prison is not an option. Nor are there any criminal charges pending against Prince Andrew regarding her allegations.

But Richard challenged the father and asked Sky: “Why were you so happy for your daughter to spend so much time at Jeffrey Epstein’s home?”

Claiming that he had no idea what was really going on at Epstein’s mansion, Sky admitted: “When I met him he just seemed like a regular guy.

“I’m the one that actually took her to Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. It’s a huge regret to me. I loved my daughter when she was born, I love her now, she’s the apple of my eye and to see her go through that, it hurts me a lot.

“But she’s strong now and she is going after Prince Andrew with this civil suit.”

Richard also explained that one of Prince Andrew’s lines of defences was to open up a private agreement Virginia reached with the royal’s late friend and convicted paedophile, Epstein.

Virginia is understood to have reached a settlement and not go after Epstien or some members of his circle that she had alleged had assaulted her sexually.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have asked to see these papers and Richard asked Sky if Prince Andrew is mentioned in the document.

“I don’t know if that was in there or not. Whether he goes to court or sees the judge, he should be held accountable. People get settlements for lots of different reasons – you can fall and get a settlement, you can spill coffee on yourself and get a settlement.

Ricahrd Madeley and Susanna Reid spoke to Sky Roberts live from his home in Florida



“My daughter was sexually abused by Prince Andrew, so I think that’s even more important – I think she wants both, a settlement and to see him served,” he added.

Speaking to the BBC about Ms Giuffre’s allegations in 2019, Prince Andrew said they “never happened”.

“It didn’t happen. I can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened. I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever.”

Last month, a spokeswoman for Andrew told The Mirror there was “no comment” to make when asked to respond to Giuffre’s decision to file a civil suit against the Duke.

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