Sun lovers warned to slap on cream and wear a hat as 30C scorcher set to hit

The Met Office is predicting a warm spell over the next few days and said that while the summer may be passed its peak, people still need to take care in the sun

The UK is set for a warm spell with the temperature rising close to 30C

Brits planning to bask in the sun over the coming days are being warned to slap on the sun cream and wear a hat as temperatures are set to hit 30C.

It may be heading towards the end of summer but forecasters are advising that the sun’s rays are still strong enough to burn and anyone heading out into the sunshine should take care.

Rain and floods have dominated the weather for much of the UK and put a dampner on many people who decided on staycations rather than risking quarantine rules by heading abroad.

But while the peak of summer has passed there is due to be a sunny spell ahead.

Warm weather is set to arrive on Sunday with the mercury rising up to around 28C by Tuesday in parts before thunderstorms in the second half of the week concludes the hot spell.

The Met Office has warned people out in the sun to put on cream and wear a hat



The storms will start in the western parts of England and Wales before moving east into next weekend, the Met Office said.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “The sun is still fairly strong so if you’re going to be in the sun for kind of a good length of time, wear a hat and some sun cream because even though it would be kind of past the peak of the summer, the sun can still burn you at this time of year.”

Snell said temperatures are likely to be higher than expected for this time of year.

He said: “For some of us I think they will probably be a good five degrees above average for the time of year.

“At the early part of September we’re probably looking at an average of about 21C across southern parts of the UK.

The hot weather is set to stay until Tuesday and then showers are expected to return for the end of the week


James Chapelard)

“In the north, we are probably looking more around the high teens so 17-18C.”

Mr Snell also said: “September over the last decade or so, we have had a warm spell especially towards the beginning of the month.”

A period of high pressure in the west of the UK had meant cloudy conditions for many over the last week but these systems will draw southward over the weekend, bringing warmer winds from continental Europe, he said.

Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected to see less warm weather with fronts moving in from the North Atlantic likely to bring spells of rain with them.

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Early cloud thinning and breaking to leave most areas warm and dry with sunny spells. Cloudier over western Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland where spells of rain developing this afternoon.


Early evening cloud and outbreaks of rain over western Scotland and Northern Ireland spreading eastwards into the rest of Scotland and northern England. Further south, dry with clear spells.


Much of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland rather cloudy with showery rain in places, perhaps more especially Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Further south, dry with warm sunny periods.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Very warm with sunny spells Tuesday. Similar Wednesday, but with some heavy showers spreading to southwestern areas. Showers becoming more widespread Thursday, locally heavy in the northwest.

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