This Morning’s Phillip forced to apologise after Martin Clunes’ sweary speech

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was forced to make an apology for the bad language of actor Martin Clunes who spoke about his ITV show Manhunt with Phil and Holly Willoughby

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield forced to apologise after Martin Clunes’ sweary speech

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was forced to apologise after actor Martin Clunes’ foul-mouthed speech on the show.

Clunes is once again portraying the real-life figure of Metropolitan Police Senior Investigating Officer Colin Sutton in the new series of ITV crime drama Manhunt, subtitled The Night Stalker.

On Thursday, Clunes joined This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to discuss the new episodes.

The new run focuses on the true story of a 17-year reign of fear by the infamously brutal serial rapist Delroy Grant who targeted elderly people in the South East of London in more than 100 crimes.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby spoke with Martin Clunes on This Morning


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On the show, Clunes described the crimes and actions of Grant in detail and slipped out a total of three swear words in his speech.

Clunes noted that in the show we “just see the stop the b*****d.”

He repeated that someone had commented on his character’s “b****y cardigan”

Holly asked why Martin chose to play this detective versus other ones he has been offered and turned down.

Martin answers: “I don’t really enjoy those t****r of the yard, I call them.”

Martin let slip three naughty words during the interview about his show Manhunt


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When Martin had finished speaking, Phillip politely said: “”I haven’t apologised for each of the bits of bad language, because obviously it would take up far too much time.

“So what I’m going to do is apologise for all three of them in one sort of big apology. “

A guilty-looking Martin then apologised for his language, remarking: “Oh yeah…sorry.”

Phillip then responded: “Please don’t apologise….I just did.”

Viewers at home, however, quite enjoyed seeing the Men Behaving Badly star…well…behaving badly.

Phillip apologised for Martin’s bad behaviour – but viewers loved it on Twitter



One This Morning viewer penned on Twitter : “Oh shut up about language love Martin clunes absolutely lovely gentle mannered man and great actor #ThisMorning

A different fan of the show commented: “The difference between Martin Clunes and Miriam Margolyes though, is that Martin uses the *bad* language to make a point, whilst Miriam just likes saying *f***y* for the sake of it …

Meanwhile, another ITV viewer noted: “B*****d, b****y and t****r on This Morning love Martin Clunes #ThisMorning@Schofe@hollywills ”.

*This Morning airs on weekdays from 10am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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